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Latest Transfer News etc.

8/12/01 - After just one day Tamundo finds himself shipped out to rivals Man City for 10 million#!

7/12/01 - Yet more transfers as Luccin another unemployed star joins Newcastle this time with big signings Tamundo and Machlas who cost over 5 mill#

4/12/01 - In comes Henchoz unemployed after many clubs went bankrupt. Savage arrives from Leicester. Montella leaves without playing a game to Gala for a price believed to be over 17 million

26/11/01 - Newcastle release the list of 30 of stars they want to spend their millions on.

26/11/01 - Micheal Sivestre has signed from Leeds for 4.5 mill (Interview coming soon) Marinelli has signed form (f/a) Middlesboro for 250k. Melli has gone to Man City for 500k and Jaime Moreno has left to sunny Lazio for 250k.

25/11/01 - To see the latest interview with a player / staff from Newcastle click here