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W e l c o m e o t o o N e w c a s t l e o
O f f i c i a l o S u p e r l i g a o w e b p a g e !





Welcome! To the wonderful world of superliga where the mighty Newcastle United take their place as they battle to overcome all odds and become superliga champions!

Newcastle were brought into the league for the 2nd season. And therefore had to start in division 2. Unfortently star players, Kieren Dyer, Alan Shearer, Noberto Solano, Gary Speed, Shay Given had already been signed by other superliga teams, in the 'free agent' market which left Newcastle with a very week team. So it was up to bussiness man James Purcell from Brighton / Southampton to save the club. Selling his stake in numerous unamed businesses he invested 20 million euros into Newcastle in a bid to make Newcastle a Superliga great!!

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