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You can find out what means what in the screenshots. This page will use everything available so far.

  • - Cloaking - Allows her to become invisible to all units except those with detection abilities. If a unit sees her cloaked while she's cloaked, they will go into "cautious" stage.
  • - Psionic Speed - When activated, the entire game will slow down except for Nova herself. She'll be able to move around normally. Similiar to bullet-time in MaxPayne, it somewhat mimicks the effect in the Matrix.
  • - Psionic Sight - Allows her to see through walls and through units (she can see their skeletons and veins). It also allows her to track heat signatures. It would allow her to track where a zergling has been for awile.
  • No Image - Psionic Control - It is unclear how far this can go, but we know she has it. It could be similar to that of Mind Control of the Dark Archon, but that was permanent, but that power may be too powerful for SC:Ghost.

    On screen
  • - Health & Psi Meter - The top green bar is her health, and the teal (blue-green) coloured bar is her Psi. Her abilities above rely on how much Psi you have in this meter. As you use her abilities, this bar will start to drain. The bar regenerates over time, but not instantlh.
  • - Gun & Ammo - This shows what kind of gun she has currently armed and how much ammo she for it. Right now, she has her standard weapon. Below the wireframe of the weapon is the amount of ammo she has left

  • - Standard weapon - It has 3 main modes - Sniper mode, Grenade Launcher, and Assault Rifle.
  • - Terran/Protoss Psi-blade - Somewhat resembles standard Protoss Zealot armament, but is actually combined of both Terran and Protoss technology. Most likely more powerful than the C-10 Cannister Rifle and Gauss Rifle due to it's psi blade nature. Purely melee weapon. Has been mentioned that it works like a 1-hit kill.
  • No image available - Machine cannon - It's only been mentioned that this weapon will be available. It will probably be something like a Goliaths weapon. We have yet to see more information on this weapon.

    Weapon Abilities
  • No Image - Grenade Launcher - She can lob grenades. So far, it is known that there will be heat-seeking grenades.
  • No Image - Assault Rifle - This is her typical mode that she stays in.
  • - Sniper Mode - She zooms in very close, and it reveals information about the taget, such as health, whether it is lockdownable or not, race, class, and probably more yet to be discovered.
  • - Flame Thrower Mode - She sends out a stream of fire. The range is not very far, but it covers a wide area.
  • - Lockdown - She can temporarily freeze the systems of a mechanical object. It can include mechanical units, or buildings, such as a Missile Turret.
  • - Unknown
  • - Unknown - Due to it's ammunition-like appearance, it could be a special type of ammunition. It also could be a grenade.

    Power Ups
  • - Health(?) - Due to the red cross on the box, it is probably for health. However, we do not know if it will replenish only her health, or her psi meter as well.