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A True Story

One day I was playing Warhammer with some peeps when all of a sudden one of them tryed giving me a cupcake. I know something was up as soon when the room went dead and everyone was staring at me. So then I was like Sha Bam! I hit him with some sort of a Electrician tool, I found out later that one of them was an Electrician, anyways after I hit him everyone tried to get at me. I then threw Warhammer pieces at them and ran out the door.

They were still chasing me when I ducked behind a lemonade stand and stood there holding up what looked like a dead possum. They stopped when they saw what I had, two of them started to back off as I held it up a little higher. I then walked forward making them back against a wall and then throwing into the middle of them. As I ran down the street looking for a means of escape.