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Orcs Vs. Empire!

Orc List
Core Units:

39x Night Goblins - Command, 3 netters, 3 fanatics, spears - 218 pts.

30x Orc Boyz - Command, Shields - 208 pts.

10x Wolf Riders - Short Bows - 120 pts.

29x Big 'Uns - Add. Weapons, Command, WAAAGH! Banner(+1" move) - 319 pts.

Special Units

25x Black Orcs - Great Weapons, Nogg's Banner/Butchery(+1 Atk.) - 358 pts.

2x Spear Chukka - 70 pts.

Rock Lobber - 70 pts.

Rare Units

3x Stone Trolls - Magic Resistence(2) - 165 pts.


Black Orc Warboss - Drogg's Dead Ard Armor(1+ AS), Sizzla's Shiny Baubles(Reflect Spells), Nibbla's Itty Ring('Eadbutt Bound Spell), w/ Big 'Uns. - 225 pts.


Lv. 2 Goblin Shaman - 2 Dispel Scrolls, w/ Night Gobbos - 140 pts.

Night Goblin Big Boss - BSB, Mad Cap Mushrooms(+D6 Fanatic Dmg.), Nobbla's 'Elmet(6+ AS, 6+ Wa), Light Armor - 107 pts.

Total: 2000 pts.

Empire List

Core Units:

25x Swordsmen - Command - 200 pts.

9x Knightly Orders - Command - 247 pts.

30x Free Company - 150 pts.

Special Units:

5x Pistoliers - Marksman w/ Repeater Pistol - 112 pts.

5x Pistoliers - Marksman w/ Repeater Pistol - 112 pts.

Great Cannon - 100 pts.

Rare Units:

"Old Reliable" Steam Tank - Helblaster, Steam Gun - 325 pts.


Elector Count - Griffon, Runefang(Auto. Wound, No AS) - 380 pts.


Battle Wizard - 2 Dispel Scrolls - 110 pts.

Captain - Enchanted Shield(5+ Save), Helm of the Skaven Slayer(6+ Save, Svaven fear), Crimson Amulet(6+ Wa), Barded Warhorse, Lance, Full Plate Armor, w/ Knights - 118 pts.

Warrior Priest - Armor of Meteoric Iron(1+ Save), Sigil of Sigmar(Magic Resist.[1]), w/ Swordsmen - 145 pts.

Orc Deployment

Orc General: The Orc Boyz were deployed on my far left to hold the flank. The Black Orcs were deployed next to them to both, A)Quell Animosity, B) Help Orc Boyz Hold the Flank. Next were the Night goblins in the near center, making it hard for him to avoid the fanatics. Next were the Stone Trolls, next to the Big 'Uns with the general, to help them with their stupidity. On the far right were the Wolf Riders to hold the right flank. All of the Warmachines were deployed on a hill in the back of my deployment zone.

Empire Deployment

Empire General: My knights w/ the captain were deployed on the right to hold the right flank with one of the Pistoliers units, next to them was the Steam Tank, the Free Company were next, then the Swordsmen w/ the Warrior Priest. Finally on the left flank was the Griffon and the second pistolier unit. The Great Cannon was on a hill in my deployment zone, and the wizard was next to that.

*All turns are told through the eyes of the orc player*

Orc Turn 1:

Start of Turn: My unit of Big 'Uns was the only unit to fail Animosity, but it was quelled and all was fine. My trolls failed their stupidity already and moved forward their 3 inches.

Movement: No Charges were declared, I basicly moved all unit forward max movement, with the exception of using the Big 'Uns banner, in fear of being charged by that stupid Griffon. The Wolf Riders zoomed across the field and reformed to get max shots.

Magic: Not very eventful here. I had rolled the Gaze of Mork and 'Eadbutt spells. The Gaze of Mork was dispeled, along with the 'Eadbutt. The Bound item failed to wound.

Shooting: I open fired at the griffon with my bolt throwers, while the rock lobber went for the steam tank. The wolf riders shot at the pistoliers. The Rock Lobber over shot quite a bit. As I rolled the Scatter/Artillery dice I hoped with all my might for it to comeback at the tank and... Misfire. Terrific. Luckily, I rolled a 4 causing only a minor malfuntion. Only one of the bolt throwers hit and it hit the griffon, and caused 2 wounds on the D3 wounds. Next turn, I thought. The wolf riders took down one pistolier, which was not sufficient wounds to cause a panic. Close Combat None

Empire Turn 1

Start of Turn: His steam tank gathered 5 steam points.

Movement: He declared a charge with his knights against my Black Orcs, he charged my Night Goblins with his Steam tank using all 5 steam points, and my Big 'Uns with his Griffon. All failed by about an inch and a half( Too close for comfort ) But failed non the less. My fanatics were released on his Steam tank and ended up removing a whopping 12 Steam points and one fanatic didn't hit. The rest of his movement was simply advancing.

Magic: His Mage was dispeled( Rolled second sign of Amul on Heavons ) and his Warrior Priest cast Hammer of Sigmar on himself.

Shooting: His pistoliers shot my Wolf Riders causing one wound, and his cannon shot at my Black Orcs and killed 4.

Close Combat: None

Orc Turn 2

Start of Turn:

Nobody failed animosity, Trolls passed stupidity.


My Black Orcs declared a charge on his knights, their failed charge brought them within charge range. The Night Goblins charged the Steam Tank, I'm sure they can eventually kill it! I thought about a charge with the Big'Uns, but I wanted to shoot at the griffon this turn. Everything else advanced, except the wolf riders.


Both 'Eadbutts were dispeled

Shooting Now to take down that griffon. I aimed my Spear Chukkas and let them rip. One impaled the damn beast leaving his Elector count all alone. My Wolf Riders shot at him, only to put a few holes in the ground. My rock lobber shot at that pesky cannonin the back. I hit right on... but the shot veered off 10" and hit nothing...DAMN!

Close Combat

Black Orcs didn't do too bad, killing 3 in their blood thirsty acts, no one died in the fight back, and the knight fled. I didn't catch up to them, but I got their banner! The Night Goblins took away one lousy SP from the Steam tank.

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