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Hardcore Dreamcast Addicts
Well, this site is finally up and running again. Now, as you can see, it is more pleasurable to view and easier to navigate through. This site will continue to increase as time goes by. But for now I would like to speak my mind. I know that this sort of stuff should be placed in the User's Side section of the site but I feel that I am not worthy enough to place any of my stories in that section. Only you HDCA members can place your opions there.

Ok, what I have to address is this whole system "war" that everyone is getting all jumpy about. Many people say that the Dreamcast is "dead" and that Sega is now being "bitched" by the other companies like Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. The way I see it is that this is all part of Sega's plan to conquer the videogame buisness. Sega is working their way from the core of each company and they are going to destroy them peice by peice. As a matter of fact, I believe that these new system that have come out should be renamed to Dream Station 2, Dream Box, Dreamcube, and the beloved Game Gear Advanced. These systems are no more but upgraded versions of the mother system herself, Dreamcast.

Dreamcast Dream Station 2 Dream Box
Dreamcube Game Gear Advanced