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MOD Number Download/Size Description Date Published
1. MOD 1 - 84 KB My first MOD! Contains weapon ammo switcher, stronger pistol and other cool stuff! 6/1/02
2. MOD 2 - 1 KB This MOD changes the credits to weird names! A must have! 7/1/02
3. MOD 3 - 15 KB Basically this mod changes what all the guns shoot out. Also changes some images! 2/2/02
4. MOD 4 - 800 KB This mod enhances the sub machine gun. More ammo, increased speed, etc. 2/2/02
5. MOD 5 - 32 KB Lets players "fly". Not really Zero-G. Objects still can fall after a while! 2/2/02
6. MOD 6 - 260 KB This mod literally makes the walls bounce bullets back at you. Bounce anything you want! 2/2/02
7. MOD 7 - 2 KB Jump height is 7 instead of 1.33. Only weapon is railgun. Faster reload, more ammo, etc. 2/2/02
8. MOD 8 - 180 KB All this mod does is replace the rocket launcher with a flame grenade launcher. 2/2/02
9. MOD 9 - 190 KB Quicker reloads, new sounds, more ammo, more damage, lower gravity, sticky grenades! 2/2/02
10. MOD 10 - 190 KB More blood is shown. You can see it dripping down the walls when someone gets shoot! 2/2/02
11. MOD 11 - 140 KB Pistol does 1000 damage. One bullet in clip. RL shoots 6 rockets at once. Less damage! 2/2/02
12. MOD 12 - 330 KB This mod makes the rocket launcher home in on it's target. Some new light effects! 2/2/02
13. MOD 13 - 15 KB Less damage is done by guns. The guns are all less acurate. Good mod for practice! 2/2/02
14. MOD 14 - 150 KB When you activate this mod people using other mods to cheat won't be able to get in! 2/2/02
15. MOD 15 - 270 KB Gives almost infinite ammo, new weapons, frisby replaces mine, sub machine gun shoots turret ammo! 2/2/02

Name Of Big MOD Story/Description

Hive - 22.7 MB


Hive is a weapons mod for Red Faction made by Pavel Bykov
There are 12 modified weapons in this mod, 10 of which are completely new. For more information about weapons check out the weapons section.
You need a graphic card that supports textures larger than 256x256 to run the mod properly. Most grapihc cards today support that. But you may encounter problems if you are using Voodoo 3. Mod has been tested and is known to work with the following graphic cards:
nVidia TNT 2, Vanta, Geforce 2 MX and anything better
Voodoo4 and anything better

If you have any problems with sound, disable EAX in redfaction.exe options.

Operation Xanax
(Not Finished,
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In the year 5630 a virus would wipe out half of the worlds population, this virus was known as "AT-CD".  Zycorp Pharmaceuticals would create a vaccine that would neutralize the virus for a one-year period; the cost for this antidote was $10,000 per injection.  5 years after the plague had hit, Zycorp had released a new vaccine, which would completely wipe out the virus, the cost of this antidote was seventy five thousand dollars per treatment.

            The year was now 5640, due to the earth's gravitational pull towards the sun, the surface of the earth was reaching 200 degrees Fahrenheit and the earths inhabitants were forced to live underground in small communities, cars were not manufactured, food and water were scarce, living conditions were horrible, except for Zycorp executives, who lived in there own separate underground living quarters.  Scientists predicted within ten years time, the earth would be so close to the sun, that the earth would entirely be molten rock, both underground and above ground, every living organism on the planet would perish a horrible and painful death.

            After this announcement chaos erupted throughout the underground communities.  Zycorp had begun a discreet operation to relocate off of the planet, they're destination was Jupiter’s largest moon Ganymede.

            In 5646 Zycorp released information regarding the operation, they called it Operation Evac.  Zycorp as usual charged people a large sum of money to be transported to the moon, $225,000 per person to be exact.  Hundreds of thousands of people knew they could not afford the trip, and knew they would die on the planet, hundreds of thousands also wondered how they were going to survive on a baron planet with no atmosphere.  Zycorp made the following press release within a month of they're original announcement.


            "It has come to our attention that many people are doubting the ability to create a living environment on such a baron planet, without an atmosphere, we here at Zycorp are excited to release more detailed information on out colonization of Ganymede.   We currently have two fossil fuel powered atmosphere generators on the northern and southern tips of Ganymede.  These provide Ganymede with a very cool, and healthy atmosphere, capable of hold 10 times the people on earth.  We can once again walk the surface, without fear of burning to death.

            Relocation to this wonderful colony is a low flat fee of $225,000 per person; this covers all relocation fees, traveling fees, temporary housing for up to 6 years, and a Hydrotank, and Nutritank per family.

            Those who are unable to afford the relocation cost will be able to sign a contract of employment and work here at wonderful Zycorp, where those will be fed, housed, and given transportation.  NO MORE LIVING UNDERGROUND!  We can once again breathe fresh air, and live happily above the molten soil!

            To reserve your first class reservation to Ganymede, just dial Z6910-S on your network holophone."


This announcement calmed many of the optimistic and the citizens afraid of being left behind due to financial instability, transportation to the moon had started almost immediately after that announcement, and those who couldn’t afford the trip signed the employment contract and were the last to leave the planet.  There were over 700,000 citizens unable to afford the trip; they were all under binding contract to become employed upon relocation to Ganymede.  They were crammed into contract employee shuttles.  There were around 100,000 employees in each of the shuttles, given less than enough food for the trip, and improper restroom facilities.  They believed that Zycorp saving their lives from doom was wonderful, and they would endure this trip as if it was first class.  Two days into the trip to Ganymede, an unexpected meteor shower had struck, it had wiped out 7 of the 8 contract employee transport ships, killing 650,000 employee's of Zycorp.  Zycorp was now at a loss, they needed to obtain over 500,000 employees who were willing to work for nothing, in slave conditions as well.

            Three years after everyone was settled on the planet, Zycorp, via ads and bribes, had obtained over 300,000 employees, these were people who underestimated the living costs there, and between repairs on living quarters, transportation, and repairs and refills on Hydrotanks and Nutritanks were forced to either live in the caves of Ganymede or work for Zycorp, many chose to work for Zycorp.  Even though Zycorp had obtained these additional employee's they were still short over 300,000 employees and throughout the next two years, they could not gain the trust of any more citizens, no one wanted to work for Zycorp.  On January 17th, 5651, Zycorp had stopped asking for employees, they also fired over 400,000 employees; this left the citizens of Ganymede confused and bewildered on how work was getting done.

            After a few years the citizens stopped worrying how the work was getting done and were just grateful that it was getting done, On March 21, 5653 a doctor name Enion Savanie had been researching homelessness in relation to the firings of Zycorp, He was venturing from cave to cave and interviewing the homeless, At 4:15 that afternoon Dr. Savanie had run across something in a cave that would change the world forever, Dr. Savanie had found two males, in a cave, by themselves, they had no clothing on them, they were as pale as ghosts, and they had glowing barcodes on the back of there necks, they read 69836420-ZYCORP-3 and 69836422-ZYCORP-3.  Dr Savanie tried to communicate with the men, but they seemed as if they couldn’t speak, once Dr. Savanie realized something was awkward he holophoned his central office with his location, within thirty minutes 3 Federal agents walked up to Dr Savanie asking to see the men.  The four men walked into the cave to see that a third man had appeared, he too was nude, pale and had a barcode, this one was not glowing green like the rest, this one was red, it was labeled 43810974-ZYCORP-2.  The agents had retrieved they're flashlights and pointed them at the men; they were all identical in every aspect, except the barcode of course.  They were quickly taken secretly into custody.

            Three months of testing in a secure Federal location, scientists had came to the conclusion that Zycorp had started to clone humans in order to replace they’re employee's, this would prove to be true when the scientists had presented DNA tests that shown to be exactly the same through each specimen, although the third "red" bar-coded man, was a little bit different, when they contained the men, they put them into separate containment units, the red bar-coded male had broken through the door and attacked two of the scientist, they quickly seized the male and tranquilized him.  The conclusion on this man was that he was genetically altered to be stronger and more immune to pain, how did they come to the pain conclusion? Because the door he broke through was 30 layers of the worlds strongest steal, he punched through the door, and severed his right hand has he gripped the metal and pulled, the scientist ad called a doctor and he repaired the mans hand, which was only being help on at the time of tranquilization by several pieces of muscle.

            Human cloning was still illegal at this time, and because all they had as evidence were some men with barcodes saying Zycorp, they couldn’t properly due to the Privacy act of investigations in 3410 get proper search warrants for the Zycorp facilities.  The Federal government had to think of another way to get proof of this cloning.  Over a year of training was put into this operation, a operation they would call Operation Xanax, The Federal government had gone through the portfolios for all they're employee's, left with two they would even consider putting into such a risk, the two were Agent Frank Hurst, and Agent Thomas Cambell.

            To decide on which agent to send into this mission, they selected them both to take a required training course, they both had accepted the mission, and would both proceed with the training exercises.  Several weeks into the training, Agent Frank Hurst disappeared mysteriously when a helicopter taking him back from a training exercise had vanished in route to the federal offices, this left only Agent Cambell to do the task.  The Federal Agency changed how they were going to go about this due to the recent disappearance of Agent Hurst, Agent Cambell will no longer be required to train, if he wishes he will be trained, if he does not so, he shall go directly to Zycorp's main headquarters and investigate. 

            The next morning Agent Cambell was given a letter, which read;


" Dear Mr. Cambell,

                           We here at the Federal Government are grateful for what you about to embark on, this journey will be very dangerous, if you for any reason are seen by a guard, we are afraid you will be immediately killed, this is a restricted location Cambell, we are going to equip you with whatever you need, good luck Cambell, may god be with you.


                        Best Regards,

                                  Jeremy Holt

                             Federal Bureau of Investigation"

Null Continuum
(Not Finished,
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   In the year 2549,the galaxy was finally settling into a new era of general well being. Small skirmishes were the last remnant of hostility since the galactic war of 2351. For 85 years; this war brought fire down from the heavens and caused great destruction and woe. There was one sanctuary in the midst of all this chaos. It is called the Void. A vast area of space that harbored nothing of interest. In short, it was a wasteland...Or so we believed. A new resource was discovered there, it is called Quantiputum. This substance was found in great concentration throughout the Void. Mining operations were immediately set up to exploit this new boon. Mining operated peacefully, and feverishly. More care should have been taken during this excavation. This hurry and carelessness caused rips in the very fabric of space. At first, we believed that these "holes" were harmless, until they came. The Trantiens, an unknown alien race. Their first wave consisted of sentinels, automated killing machines. They brought death and fear without remorse to the ranks of the miners, and soon the mining operations grinded to a halt....
(Not Finished,
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   It gives one a glimpse of the horrible reality that was World War 2. There are 2 teams: Axis & Allies OtV allows the player to experience the fierceness of battle of World War 2 on a unit-to-unit level. This MOD is team-based featuring one team playing the role of the allies and the other team playing the role of the axis. Each side has different weapons and equipment, as well as an incredibly unique appearance. Maps have different goals such as: Capture the Object, Assassination, Escape, and of course the basic Team Death match. Weapons include all of the basic infantry combat equipment for the time in which OtV takes place, 1944-1945.

  All Dates Are In Day/Month/Year Format.