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Game Cube Review
Category Adventure
Players 1
Difficulty Medium
Release date 9-21-02
Review Date 9-29-02
On-Line NO
Review Date 9/02
Publisher Rare

Star Fox

by Ravenwood GA

RARE has allways made Quality games!

Star Fox.

Star Fox is overwhelmingly good. This game is one of the finest gridiron products on the market with great gameplay, smooth graphics and a good formula.. Star Fox definitely raises the bar. This game is as good as Zelda and that's reeeeally good.

Star Fox Adventrures is a carbon copy of the N64 classic,The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of time. The screem morphs into a letterbox format when the enemy is engaged. Your Character automatically when he reaches the end of the platform.

You need to backtrack to previous lands and dungeons with newly acquired items to unlock different areas.

One of the best examples of this is the Situation mode, in which you set factors to create a scenario that you then play. Couple this mode with some great classic teams and you can relive some of the finest moments in sports interactively.

Another cool innovation is the Sega Sports Challenge mode, in which you play a game with the default settings. Then, based on how much ass you kick (or how much your ass gets kicked), the game gives you a password. Enter this password at and see how you stack up against other players.

. What distinguishes is the level of involvement of the player; the level of detail allows the hardy player to live football like never before.

The gameplay may be the most standard aspect of NFL 2K3. It plays much like titles, with the running backs slipping between linemen, better tackling than what you'll find in any EA games, and otherwise a fairly standard scheme. Modes aside, this is essentially the same game fans have been playing for a couple years.

This makes it one of the best passing games on the market. Pressure sensitivity, maximum control (which basically means you can lead a receiver or throw behind him), and a smooth transition between passing and catching make offense in 2K3 as good as it ever was.

Defense is a pain in the ass, and it's a shame Sega hasn't been able to get to the bottom of this. Even though the tackling system is one of the least frustrating on the market, it would be nice if the defensive game were as interactive as the offensive game. You should be able to make big plays on defense as opposed to simply foiling the offense's big plays. I know realism and play calling are both factors here, but defense just isn't as much fun as offense.

Having said that, playing is a pleasure thanks to smooth framerates and a control scheme that is familiar if not progressive. For example, running the ball is great because defenders don't just magically appear on your back; they have to move, and the movements is detailed such that you can see them coming and respond if you're quick enough.

GameAdiction Score!

+ Star Fox looks is sharp
+ A good story
+ Fine details
+ Good animation
+ Plays like Zelda