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Beginning Oct 20, 2002 C'mon, please if you like to review games E-Mail me!!  ^_^
Just a quick reminder to everyone, If you've got any suggestions for my site please feel free to e-mail me,and we'll see what we can do to make this site right for you.  I just started this site and im looking for 2 persons to help me out with the reviews of games of all systems!  If anyone want to write a review please send me it by email and i will read it and if i like it it will be placed in my site with your name and a picture of your choice!
All so i'm putting a page for fan art of any video game of your choice!  For instance... Mario & Just draw a picture e-mail it to me and i will put your name or what ever you want next to the fan art you did! But one thing! It must be your art and no one else art or a copy of anyones art! So send those pictures in ok! You can also send in pictures of you playing videogames or anything to do with video games if you like!
Last update Nov 1, 2002 
Well, it might take a few months for me to put all the reviews in hear! But if you like to review a game you like you can and send it to me and if i like the review i'll put it on my site and put your picture on it! So think about it
erwin-cs-cam2-tn.gif X-BOX GAMES    by GameAdiction 
Xbox is Microsoft's video game system that delivers powerful, future-generation game experiences! I think the X-Box is the best video game system out now! Very close is the PS2.  I really like the way the system plays and sounds and the games now they look great.
erwin-cs-cam2-tn.gif GameCube    by GameAdiction 
NINTENDO GAMECUBE launched in North America on November 18, 2001 I like the new disk they did for it but Its a little strange to get use to.  Well i say the game cube come in 3rd because not to many games are out for it and lets see some of the games they will do bring back from the past it might for me be #2.  Lets see how games like super mario sunshine and starfox looks then we can see how they will go!
PS2 GAMES    by GameAdiction 
Experience the best with Sony’s latest 128 bit wonder, the Playstation 2 computer entertainment system.The PS2 will also play all your old PS games!  Enjoy the largest selection of games available today with 1000s to choose from!   I say this system is #2 and could be #1 if they keep up the good work. WOW so many game to choose from! Lets see some right hear in GameAdiction!
PlayStation GAMES!    by GameAdiction 
One of the best platforms for a long time..  So many games I had to buy it was not funny! I got broke just to keep up with the games alone!  Hear are some games!. 
DREAMCAST GAMES   by GameAdiction 
Unfourtunatly SEGA has always had a problem with advertising. The DC suffered the same fate as the saturn did!   Don't get me wrong i love sega and for the games they made.  I just hope they make another machine.  Well hear is some of the best games they made for sega Dream Cast!  Hope fully SEGA has learned from its mistakes!
Nintendo introduces innovative new game play formats to take advantage of the new Game Boy Advance cable.  The gameboy advance is the best handheald their is thats it. Now they play 16 bit games! The old games we used to play when we were kids.  Wow lets see what game came out now!.


THIS CAN BE YOU ON HEAR!    by GameAdiction 
Would you like to be on my website! No problem, just send me a review of the game you want to be on hear or not been done yet on my site. I will look over the review and if i like it i will put the review on my site and put your picture on the review page!  Thats all you have to do. Also I would like anybody who can draw a picture about Video games please send me a copy of your picture that you drew and i will put it on my site with your name. THATS IT!  I am starting a fan art page on and i like to get bigger and better every month.. 
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