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Xbox Review


Players 1 Player
Difficulty HARD
Review Date September 01, 2002
Publisher Activision
Release 8-21-2002
Online No

by Polo KID

WOW what a great game!

The Thing is a horror-themed action adventure game and is based on John Carpenter's classic 1982 horror film. Each of the teammates you pick up falls into one of the three character classes mentioned above: soldier, medic, and engineer.

The soldiers follow you around and provide additional firepower. The medics can heal you and your party members but lack the ability to heal themselves. Engineers are used to fix anything electrical, like doors and power sources. There is a bit of crossover of abilities in that engineers and medics can also use weapons..

The Thing The actual gameplay in The Thing mainly consists of three elements: standard survival horror puzzle-solving, third-person and first-person shooting. All three of these elements work together in that most of the puzzles in the game require you to effectively use the abilities of your team members while being proficient with weaponry yourself.

Over all its a REAL good game for the x-box! I give this game a really high score also the controll is verry good.



Report Card For The Thing

+ Sharp Graphics
+ X-box Ver is the best
+ Good Control
+ Players look so Real
+ sound effects are so good
+ never really slows down