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Xbox Review
Category SPORTS
Players 1-2 Player
Difficulty HARD
Review Date September 01, 2002
Publisher Acclaim
Release 5-21-2002
Online No

by Polo KID

The Scent of blood!

There have been many generations of special warriors chosen to carry the mystic mantle of Turok,and their stories are told whenever greatful people gather to honor the heros.

This adventure, Turok concerns one of the greatest of them all, Tal'set, leader of the Saquin nation.

Turok .

Wow I tell you what, this game has a lot of weapons like the war club,bow,Tek bow,Pistle,Sniper Scope,Grenades and lots more.This Turok game is better then the last one by a lot! The one thing so far i dont like about the game is when a Raptoe or another monster chases you at some point he stops chaseing you like their is a line in the game that stops the Raptor in a holt! i dont like that at all but they made the game not me! The game is good and a lot of fun to! If you are a Turok fan you must get this game and if your not Please dont wast your time and rent it first to see if you like it! Over all its a good game!.



Report Card For SOCCER SLAM

+ More weapons!
+ Kill,Kill,Kill
+ Lots of action
+ Over 500 new animations
- Rare Restart Points
- Dodgy Graphics
- Control is bad
- No extras from last year