GAME ADICTION from Knoxville, Tn 9/30/02
Mechassault X-BOX
Internet play: Yes
Comp: Microsoft
General/Summary: Basically, Superman thwarts evil in Metropolis while an evil plan (orchestated be Darkseid) begins to unfold. However, don't be fooled... you never actually fight Darkseid (they're probably saving that for the sequel).

Gameplay: The Good: You do get a good feel for Superman in this game, at least the best that game designers have come out with yet. Controls are very easy to use and the superpowers are lots of fun.
The Bad: The camera gets a little jumpy every now and then, but it's not too bad. The dialogue when fighting an opponent can get really old as well, though.
The Ugly: WAAAAAAAAY TOO SHORT! Four hours and I'm done... COME ON! Also, the gameplay felt so predetermined; I guess I was spoiled after GTA3, but I really wished that I had more freedom in the game. How disapointing. I mean it's a good game, but I'd rent it, beat it, and save your money.
Overview: With all my complaints, I have to say that this game is a lot of fun and kind of addictive, so it's not all bad.

Graphics: Graphics are very much in accordance with the cartoon. I think it looked kind of neat, actually. The cars did lack detail, though, but no real complaints here.

Sound: Music is really weak and definetely not impressive in this game. It just does not seem to go with the action more often than not. But it does sound familiar (the cartoon).
Sound effects are pretty good. They seem to mesh with the game.
Voice acting is great, of course, but the taunts from the enemies get so annoying and redundant when you fight them.

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