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Play Station 2 Review
Category Sports
Players 1-2 Player
Difficulty Easy
Review Date September 23, 2002
Publisher Capcon
Release 9-24-2002
Online No

by Polo KID

Slugfest is a Lot of Fun!

MLB Slugfest 2003 doesn't take too many rules out of real baseball. The most obvious change is that the game defaults to seven innings, though you can play a full nine if you so desire.It's still three strikes and you're out and all the other stuff you do in baseball butBase Running is different.

Clear-out moves are essentially attacks, and they add a whole new level of strategy to base running.

Over all its a good game!.

Max Power 0-0-3 left

Log Bat 0-0-4 Up

Wiffle Ball Bat 0-0-4 Left

Mace Bat 0-0-4 Right

Max Speed 0-3-0 left

Big Heads 2-0-0 Right

Horse Team 2-1-1 Right

Max Batting 3-0-0 left

Rubber Ball 2-4-2 Up

No Fatigue 3-4-3 Up

Tournament Mode 1-1-1 Down

Todd McFarlane Team 2-2-2 Right

Terry Fitzgerald Team 3-3-3 Right

Report Card For MLB Slugfest
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