Bullets Don't Affect You

To make yourself impervious to bullets, enter the code "Fatty" to unlock the Defiance option... or complete Camp 3 with an A ranking.

Lock the Levels

This is unique... a code to relock all of the levels. Enter "defaultm" as a password to do this.

Make Guards Bigger

To make the guards bigger or smaller, enter the password "Muffin" to unlock the Size option, or get an A Rank in Camp 2.

Make Guards Less Aware

To change the awareness of the guards, enter the password "Quincy", which will unlock the Awareness option. Or, beat Camp 1 with an A ranking.

Unlimited Money

To get unlimited money, enter "Dino" as a password to unlock Infinite Goodies as an option. You can also earn this by getting an A Rank in Camp 4.

Unlock All Levels

To unlock all levels, enter this password: ger1eng5.

Unlock Events

To unlock various events, enter these passwords: Core: coretimes Daily: alltimes No Core (except current): farleymydog

Unlock First Person View

To unlock the First Person View, enter "Boston" as a password or get an A rank in Camp 5.

Unlock Overhead View

To unlock the Overhead View, enter the password "Foxy" or get an A rank in Camp 4

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