Miscellaneous Bonuses!

Unlock the other bonuses by doing the following:

Return - Clear game with rank "A"

Gallery - Clear game with rank "A"

Database - Clear game with rank "B"

Theater - Clear game with rank "B"

Satellite - Clear game with rank "B"

Unlock Levels and Options

Beat the game with an A ranking to get an alternate ending and unlock Level 6 in Training Mode.

Beat the game with a B ranking to get Level 5 in Training Mode, plus the Theater and Database options.

Unlockable Stages

Unlock more stages in Story Mode by doing the following:

Level 6 - Clear level 5 with rank "A"

Level 7 - Clear level 6 with rank "A"

Unlock more training stages by doing the following: Level 5 - Clear level 5 on normal.

Level 6 - Clear level 6 on normal.

Last Boss - Kill last boss on normal

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