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Welcome to the official site for the chosen clan of PSO. This clan isn't the basic everyday clan you see on Phantasy Star Online ver.1 and 2, with members Pking, NOLing, VKing, etc. other players just because they can, oh hell no, we're much diffrent from that. Don't get me wrong, we enjoy the occansional NOLing and PK tornements once in a while, but we don't target decent players. What this clan basicly is, is the union of hackers/GSers with the purpose of riding the PSO games of any hackers or clans that go too far with codes and end up F***KING the game up for decnt gamers and now, we are currently recriuting NEW members for the cause. Lets face it, SEGA has done nothing to really help so, its up to some of us to hold the game together. Though this clan is UK based, we still consider non-UK gamers(However, no spanish.............AT ALL) So,if you're an experienced gamer and you got a GS/Xplorer/Codebreaker,etc. and you feel you wanna be part of the chosen, just go to the general forum and enlist and we'll decide weather or not you're fit to be a CHOSEN ONE. If you feel you've been wasting your time reading this and you just want codes fast, check out our code selection, we got some of the best codes PSO has got to offer or if like me, you LOVE DBZ, check out our dbz stuff.

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