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Boxing was my first game where you actually do more than one thing to play, and is a lot of fun. Here is how you play: (kind of long :)) First, say if have a saved game or not, then press EXE. Now you can either train or fight. If you train, you have two options of which to train: aim, or speed. The number in parenthesis is how much it costs to train that aspect of yourself. In aim, the point is to stop the X on the ^ two out of four times. If you do, your aim stat will go up one, and your experience stat will go up .5. Experience determines how much health you get in a fight; every time you train it goes up .5 whether you win or lose, and every fight it goes up 1. In speed, after it says go, you have to press EXE as soon as you can. If you jump the gun, though, you get penalized. If your reflexes are fast enough, your speed stat will go up one. When you fight, your stats are on the left, and your opponent's on the right. You are the fighter on the bottom. When you press EXE, the fight will begin. you get to attack first. Options punches to the left, vars punches to the right. If you see your opponent's fist "O" come up in front of yours, he blocked the punch, but if you see your fist go into him and you arm "1" where you fist was, you hit him. Then he can punch. he will put his fist "O" up in front, and if it is to the left, press X squared to block, and if it is to the right, press ^. If you block in time, you will put your fist "X" up to block his. The first person whose health gets to 0 loses. Whether you win or lose determines whether you get prize money or medical bills. If you run out of cash, you lose. Uh, since cheating is a ton of fun in boxing, I think I should tell you how. To cheat, go into the run mode, and store really high numbers into A,B,C, and D. Then say that you have a saved game. It is hillarious!

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