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  -=C2B=-Cold Virus


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 C2B's Hot News

  Cartmans got a few things to say.

                                             Squads and Stuff

Quite alot of members are confused about the squads. this is a little my
fault about going from idea to idea. Here is now going to be 4 squads because
were gonna enter in 4 ladders. Theres no elite, inter, noob type squads. there all the same. im looking for 2 ppl to be a squad leader. just e-mail me with a ladder you want and find players who can be in ur squad. there MUST be 6 players in each squad

                                             Dedicated server

I`d personally like to thank Doc13 of the *former* .DNA clan of hopefully
getting 2 dedicated servers for us ;) . the DNA clan has now moved here so
i`d like DOC13 e-mailing me with their clan names plz


Yes, we booted him out but for the Dna crew to come in, we MUST have candyman back. well i thought about it and... well we must give him a chance. so hes back in the clan.

                                               Inactive Members

Most members know about my anger with inactivity. so now im gonan be a little strict. these following members must come to the meeting friday or face a boot out of the clan to make way for full active members

Calico_Surfer - Psyco - Revilation

these 3 guys have NEVER been in the meetings and trainings since they have
joined. so they will face a penalty if they dont turn up to the meeting

Thats all folks...             Bye,                                  
-=C2B=-Cartman2b       ;)


 Old news

  Sunday August 4 2002 



 Hi There l33t ppl. Its Cartman2b here again getting u some C2B stuff.


Squads well, what can I say. When I started this clan, I thought no-one would join. but look! WOW!!!. C2B is capable for 25 fully active members which can be of use. This Wednesday, be sure to be on aim because as u may know, WERE GONNA ENTER ON OGL ;) , so we need a fully good owning squad to push us forward. -=C2B=-G()D is the leader of this squad, not me. so forward questions to him!. So members, if u come on Wednesday (training) then u have a chance of getting picked my God And Stickman in their squad!


hmmm. he's an idiot in my opinion. I had 2 rows with him lol. We need a 

Dedicated server

Our clan is in search of a dedicated server to play on mostly. If you know anyone or u  have one, plz e-mail me ay . it would be an honour and i will give you a tremendous thank you ;)


Stickman has told me about the rankings on PC Zone. I'm the best of us all at the moment. see our ranks which Olie has taken time to put on the members profile (which is not yet done, but....... it will be)!

Active Members

My WordPad's gone walkabouts with all the clans e-mail addresses. it would be a help if you e-mailed me with your clan name and e-mail address. ty   That's it for this week. Keep watching the site for updates and please oh please wish us luck in OGL, coz frankly, we need it ;).                BYE!!!

- Cartman and Olie


 New Members
  Wednesday 31st July 2002


New members, -=C2B=-Pi Pi, -=C2B=-Psyco, -=C2B=-Striker, -=C2B=-Reddevil Welcome.    



 Cartmans News
  Monday 29th July 2002

 New Mod

Hi, Its Cartman2b here trying to get your news everyday!!! here's some news I got

A New mod in under development!!! hl Tag is well... TAG. this mod is sure to be popular with everyone.


-=C2B=-Candyman has umm.. how can I put this... Defected from -=C2B=-. he made his own clan. I don't know why. he still wants to be in the clan. I want your opinion on this! e-mail me at if u want candy in. I'm pretty angry about that. Yer me to Cartman.

-Olie and Cartman



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