[ The Battle For Olympus Island ]

Liberty Squad


Slightly on the short side, Tempesta stands at five feet and seven inches tall. He wars a full body costume that covers his entire body. A mixture of blues, greens, and even some white, all shades that could be found in the sky or the ocean swirl about the suit, seeming to constantly trick the eye as if the colors actually are physically swirling. His entire face is covered by the suit, including even his eyes. A shimmering field that looks like water surrounds him, at times.


Lady Justice is a stunningly beautiful pale skinned Amazon of a woman, standing a muscular 6 feet tall. Thick chestnut hair falls halfway down her back. She is clad in a golden bustier, tap-pants, and high boots, decorated with a maple-leaf motif. On her wristds are solid-looking golden bracers, and a grappnel gun hangs from her waist. She speaks with a clear and confident voice, with a hint of a Canadian accent.


You see a tall man, fully 6'4" tall at the least, with a lanky, almost thin and wiry build. He is dressed in a very dark blue bodysuit with red metal bands around the wrists and ankles, as well as red metal knuckles mounted on the gloves over the actual knuckles of the man, obviously to make his punches more powerful. The entire torso section has a design of red and white stripes on it which when laid upon the dark blue background looks surprisingly much like the British Union Jack. His head is covered in a full mask with the eyeholes being the only openings, revealing a pair of brown eyes, and a utility belt with three grenade-like objects attached to it and a pistol holster with an unusual looking pistol resting in it finishes the outfit.

Kid Freedom

The red-white-and-and-blue sidekick! The Kid is in his mid-teens and looks every bit the clean-cut youth. His blue mask and red-and-white costume are highly remeniscent of Capt. Freedom, his mentor. The kid doesn't carry a shield, however; just a yoyo he tends to play with endlessly, as well as a beltful of gadgets.


This man is impressive, at 6ft 4 inches, and built solidly, with a superhuman musculature. His features are covered by a blue mask that has white stars on it. Only his piercing blue eyes are visible. A red-and-white striped long-sleeved shirt covers his torso, though it shimmers a bit. His dark blue pants also shimmer, as do the knee-high red boots covering his feet. He moves quickly, and gracefully, holding a large red, white and blue shield in his right hand, and wearing a wide red and white-striped bracer on the left.


This man is impressive, standing approximately 6'4" and built solidly, with a massive chest and muscular arms. His bright red hair is slicked back, contrasting his steel-blue eyes and enhancing his stong jaw. He wears a royal blue costume, with lemon yellow overoos, boots and a long, flowing yellow cape. On his chest is a stylized, red 'G' inside a triangle.


A young woman, somewhat short in stature, in a silver-grey costume, denim by the look of the material. She's brown-haired, blue-eyed, and lightly tanned skin. Her facial features are covered with a mask over her eyes, also apparently made of that denim-like material.

------The Battle For Olympus Island ------------------------------

The Chief Speaks:

Olympus Island is located at 25.88 degrees north and 85.95 degrees west, in water 10,380 feet deep. The island is an artificial volcano, created as a test of the experimental "Volcano Bomb" technology. The test was a great success, and the island grew at the rate of nearly 5,000 feet per year, reaching over 14,000 feet from the sea floor before stabilizing.

The lava flow from the volcanos was fluid and continous rather than explosive. The flow rate during the initial growth stage was trememdous, great quantities of liquid rock forming a solid column of rock. Below the surface the sides of the island are nearly vertical, as the lava cooled the moment it came into contact with the water. Underwater landslides occur frequently as unstable sections of rock break free.

The volcano split into three peaks as it rose. The southernmost peak barely breached the surface, resulting in a wide, flat barrier island of cracked volcanic rock nearly ten miles long.The two other peaks form the main body of the island - a medium sized one to the east, and the much larger main peak to the west. The main island is about 35 miles long, and a bit over 15 miles wide a the widest.Between the main land mass and the barrier island is a shallow bay, several hundred feet deep at the deepest.The bay is roughly triangular, with a mouth about 10 miles long.

The almost entirely uninhabited northern and western slopes of the main island are made of of barren sheets of cracked lava, and fall steeply to barren rocky shores. As yet there has been very little erosion to make the volcanic peaks jagged.

The majority of the island's surface is bare volcanic rock. The major flow areas on the larger western peak are dominated by smooth sheets of cooled lava.

The island is not quite geologically stable. Constant low-level earthquakes occur as the mass of rock settles on the seabed. The main peak fumes and steams, and occasional minor eruptions occur. The man who did this is none other than the heinous villain, Il Sovrano. You all know him. You have faced his mental powers, and the incredible ordnance within his flying Throne. He has somehow managed to created this..Volcano Bomb..and used it to create the island.

This past month, he has captured several of the world's finest citizens. Pulitzer prize winners, Nobel prize winners, scientists, doctors, artists, musicians. The best. Our spies have found that he intends to rule over that island, and somehow has made a 'Volcano Death Ray' that will turn the rest of the world into volcanos, killing everyone.

Your job, Liberty Squad, is to infiltrate his "New Olympus", rescue the trapped citizens, destroy his weapon, and, if possible, bring him to justice.


The long flight to the Gulf of Mexico gives our heroes some time to plan....

Kid says, "So how're we gonna do this, Cap?"

LadyJustice says, "Ok. What to we know about Il Sovreigno? He's got powerful mental abilities, and he's a technological genius."

Kid says, "Mental abilities? That doesn't sound good..."

LadyJustice nods. "He'll probably try and use us against each other if he gets the chance."

Guardian says, "He has a lot of hostages also."

Kid plays cats cradle with his yo yo, "So what's the plan?"

Capt.Freedom nods solemnly. "Ensuring their safety should be a priority. Hopefully we can get them clear before we confront Il Sovrano."

Kid says, "So we sneak in?"

LadyJustice says, "He's had time to prepare - apparantly he's buit himself a fortress on the island over the last few years. This isn't going to be easy."

Guardsman nods, "Yes. We sneak in. A frontal assault is doomed to fail. Il Sovrano may be an arrogant bastard, but the bloody lunatic is no fool. He'll have his defenses set up in anticipation of something along the lines of us trying to stop him. And he _knows_ what we are capable of, don't forget that."

Tempesta seems, for the most part so far content to let the others sort things out, for now. Sitting off to the side, he mostly looks out the window, glancing up towards the other at occasional points in the conversation.

Capt.Freedom nods. "First, we'll need to find out where the scientists and artists are being held, and free them. Then we'll need to find that death ray and destroy it before Il Sovrano has a chance to use it."

LadyJustice nods. "All right then. What do we know about his fortress?"

Guardian nods in agreement, "Yes, we will have to use extreme caution, or the world is doomed."

Kid shrugs, "It's a failed volcano. Intentionally failed, I believe."

Capt.Freedom says, "Perhaps... but according to the briefing, the island is still tectonically unstable. What purpose could that serve for Sovrano?"

Kid shrugs, "He's crazy as Tojo. Who knows?"

LadyJustice says, "Perhaps he's using the volcano as a power source? If so, we might be able to stop his plans by knocking his generators out" LadyJustice says, "Tempesta - if we can find the generators, do you think you could flood them out?"

Guardsman says, "Well, for one thing it might make a hell of a self destruct mechanism. Adolf's Ubertanks in Africa blowing themselves to pieces like they did would be child's play compared to an activated volcano should he decide to destroy everything and take us with him rather than be defeated. Remember, the old chap is completely batty."

Kid shudders slightly at the memory of the Ubertanks and the zombie robot commandos.

LadyJustice nods. "Then we have to stop him directly, before he knows anything is wrong. We can't give him the opportunity to take everyone with him."

Tempesta peers up towards Lady Justice at this, chuckling a bit and shaking his head, "Pobably not any easier'n you could."

Guardian says, "If only we could find out where the hostages were being held, we need to be able to get them out quickly in case he should decide to turn the island against us."

Kid says, "Well, we bash some of his goons and get them to tell us where the hostages are?"

Tempesta grins now, looking back towards the window as if trying to follow how close they are, "I got some friends down there.. will see if maybe they know anything before we're movin' in."

Guardsman says, "I suggest a more stealthy approach to that particular problem."

The sounds of the propellors become a little louder, and out the window, the group can see the plane descending. The co-pilot comes out from the small cockpit, announcing, "We're dipping, just in case Sovrano's got radar. We're about 40 miles offa the island. You can see it out the left side of the plane."

Guardian says, "I could try and scan the inside of the complex."

Guardsman says, "There is, of course, a time and place for everything, including knocking out thugs, but let's not risk raising an alarm before we have an idea of where things are."

Capt.Freedom nods. "Stealth and speed are our allies here. The later we can delay the confrontation, the better our chances."

Kid sleepers his yoyo, "Okay. So... How are we planning on sneaking in? I mean, I know Guardsman and Cap and I are pretty quiet..."

LadyJustice says, "Great! If Guardian can find out the layout of the base, including where the Hostages and Il Sovrano are, we can get them to safety before he knows we're there."

Kid whistles ~~Jeepers, Creepers~~

Guardian says, "I can try, but if Sovrano planned on us coming, he might have took steps to block my vision."

Guardsman says, "It is worth a shot I suppose, though knowing the fact that he is familiar with us he might have thought of shielding his base, or at least parts of it, from Guardian's prying eyes. I know _I_ would certainly do that were I him."

Capt.Freedom says, "That is the problem. There's very little concealment. The north and west slopes are the most deserted, though, and it might be possible for us to reach the peak without being spotted. Or we could look for an underwater entrance.""

Kid blinks for a moment and looks concerned, "You're -not- him, are you?"

Guardsman looks at Kid, his mask hiding his facial expression, "Excellent question, son. I could be, couldn't I?" He pauses for a second, keeping his eyes on Kid, and then shakes his head, "But no, you can be quite certain I'm still me, lad."

Tempesta nods a bit to the Captain, hopping up now as he begins over to the group, "I'll work on an underwater approach, Cap."

Kid smiles, "Whew. Had me worried there for a second."

Fantastique exits the cockpit, whistling a happy little tune. "We're going down, mon amis. Ah! You already knew that. The windows show this, yes?" She grins, sitting near Captain Freedom.

LadyJustice looks at the map. "The bay is on the southeast side .. the north and western sides are all steep rock. He's probably got a seaport of some kind set up into the bay, so he can bring supplies in.

Guardsman says, "Steep rock shouldn't be _too_ much of a problem, depending on how much of a handhold there is there."

Guardsman says, "I suggest we go in from two directions however, so as not to all be caught in the same trap should he discover us on his territory."

Tempesta smirks a bit as Fantastique comes back out, waving a bit to everyone in some sort of a gesture as he heads back off to the side. Crouching down near a window, his ducks his head just slightly, the tips of the fingers on his right hand coming up to his temple as he seems to be concentrating.

Capt.Freedom says, "True, and the bay is more likely to be watched. But..." He trails off, nodding to Fantastique and then turning to Guardsman. "You may have something, there."

Guardian nods to Guardsman, "Good idea."

Fantastique smiles brightly, "then we should decide teams, non?" She pats Captain Freedom on the shoulder, "I choose Monsieur Freedom!"

Guardsman says, "I suggest one group tries to locate and disable any alarm system, the second group tries to find the hostages and get them to safety."

LadyJustice nods. "Both groups converging on the central forthress from opposite directions?"

Kid nods, "Sounds good!" of course, it goes without saying he'll be with Cap, unless Cap says otherwise.

Guardsman nods, "Once those primary tasts are completed we can deal with disabling generators, destroying deathrays, defeating madmen and what have you."

Guardian says, "Right Guardsman, I shall like to help free the hostages."

Capt.Freedom smiles grimly at Fantastique. "Glad to have you, then. I hope you don't mind the climbing... assuming our group is going that way, of course."

Fantastique grins widely, "climbing is no trouble to the Femme Fantastique! I shall stretch myself into a ladder. With hooks!"

Guardsman nods, "The hostages are likely to be the more heavily guarded group, so I would suggest Guardian and LAdy Justice both being on that particular mission, being that they are our heavy hitters."

~Tempesta senses: An image of destruction and pain is sent..along with a 'picture' of the underwater surroundings..including a passageway that leads into the island. 'Longdive', the porpoise, does not know where it leads, because the water stops and it goes up into somewhere there is no water.~

LadyJustice says, "Good call. We'll take the bay approack, and Fantastique and the Captain will take the northern climb."

Tempesta grunts a bit off over by his lonesome, seeming to be missing the conversation happening for the most part. Remaining concentrated though at the time being, his hand remains raised. Longdive tells him that there have been many boats and many "noisy birds". He was curious, and saw the "noisy bird" land and it excreted people. A man who flies like a noisy bird came from the big island over to the little one and then made an egg on the people.

Capt.Freedom nods and glances at Kid Freedom. "So, old chum, are you up for a little climb?"

Kid says, "You betcha, Cap!"

Guardsman says, "I'd say Tempesta should probably go with the hostage group as well. His water-related powers may come in handy when the hostages have been brought to the shore. That makes it Guardian, Lady Justice and Tempesta so far on the Hostage crew, going from the bay, Fantastique, Captain and the Kid on the rock approach going for the alarm..." He looks at Guardian and the other hostage rescuers, "With your powers I suspect a lock or a door won't pose a problem, so I will go with the alarm team."

Guardian says, "Doors shall not be a problem. I will keep an ear out for Captain and Kid Freedom's radios, to keep up on your mission."

Guardsman nods, "Good... Are we all in agreement then?"

Tempesta coughs a bit as he stands back up now, turning back towards the group and clearing his throat, "S'fine with me. 'Bout that, though.. Friend of mine has found an possible entrance under the complex, through the water. Might be a way to slip in, though no sayin' where it'll lead, if anywhere."

Guardsman looks at Tempesta, "Hmm... Yes, well, perhaps you should examine that entrance then, and if it leads nowhere then join up with Guardian and Justice again after the recon has been done?"

The co-pilot returns, "Okay, Liberty Squad. Any closer and Sovrano will hear the engines. Anyplace you all want to be dropped off? The Coast Guard's about 60 miles north of us and will come in when you radio the all-clear."

LadyJustice says, "If it looks promising, Guardian and I can follow him in that way. I can swim quite well and hold my breath a long time."

Tempesta nods a bit back to Guardsman, "Aye, k.. If it does lead anywhere, s'pose I'll see some of ya'll inside then, hopefully... unless... aye, Lady."

Kid gets up out of his seat and paces with nervous energy, "Cmon, let's give this madman what for!"

Guardsman nods, "Right, son. Let's get going. I'm not growing younger sitting here."

The side door to the plane is opened.

Kid waits for Cap.

LadyJustice says up to the pilot, "Once those four are out, circle around the island and drop us off outside the bay, to the southeast"

The co-pilot salutes and says, "You can count on it."

Guardsman exits the plane without another word.

Capt.Freedom stands and moves into place. "Good luck, and godspeed. We'll see you inside."

Kid geronimos!

LadyJustice says, "God speed. Go for freedom and justice!"

Guardian salutes.

Capt.Freedom salutes, and exits the plane.

Fantastique leaps out of the plane, freefalling before she opens up as a parachute and glides down gently.

Once the four heroes have jumped out of the low-flying plane, the pilot does a wider circle, and soon the sounds of the twin-engine prop is nearly inaudible. The water is actually nice and warm, (for those in it), similar to a comfy bath.

Guardsman immediately starts swimming towards the shore... well... cliff, actually, but who cares about the details?

Fantastique, once in the water, changes into a big raft, "Climb on, mon amis! I will propel us to the beach where we may be on our way!"

Kid climbs into the FantastiRaft.

Guardsman looks at Fantastique, "Your powers never cease to... puzzle me, madame.", then climbs aboard.

Capt.Freedom had started swimming, but stops and climbs aboard. "Say, you're full of surprises, Fantastique."

It is dark although there is a reddish glow on the water, from the still-active volcanoes. The moon, too, adds its own brightness to the night sky.

Kid checks his gadgets one more time, just to be sure.

Guardsman spends the time taken to reach the cliff checking his grapplegun and grenades.

As the FantastiRaft closes in on the island, the jagged peaks and craggy cliffs can be made out in the darkness...just faintly....

Kid fuddles about with his radio, checking to see any traffic on the island.

Guardsman examines the wall as they reach the cliff face, looking it over to see how difficult it might be to climb.

"*skrakk* Unit 2 report. All clear. *skrak* Unit 1. *skkk* Unit 1. All clear."

Fantastique snaps back to her original shape once out of the water, looking quite happy with herself. "we have made it halfway, n'est pas?" She, too, looks up the cliff face, quizzically examining it. "This should be fun."

The raft gets even closer to the shore. Near the top of the West Peak is a fortress, built into the cooled lava. It is highly defensible, and several armed guards walk along the perimeter of it, and especially near what looks like the entrance to it.

Capt.Freedom slings his shield across his back and flexes his fingers unconsciously as he prepares for the climb. "As long as an earthquake doesn't strike while we're on the cliff..."

Guardsman whispers, "I hardly think fun describes it. And from here on in, let's be quiet. We don't know who or what is listening. Sovrano would never just leave his backdoor open and unguarded."

Kid takes a good look at the rockface, and says quietly, "Looks easy. Straight shot for the door?"

Fantastique proudly nods, lowering her voice to a near whisper. "I shall be as quiet as a little mousie. Possibly even a very large one. Being, I do mean, not just as quiet as."

-------------------- Meanwhile-----------------------------------------

Tempesta nods a bit to Lady Justice, waiting a bit after the others, "Okey.. you jus' go ahead with Guardian there.. if this passage is a no go, then I'll be back out right soon." Nodding a bit at this, he jumps out of the side hatch now as well, the wind whipping about it as he flies almost straight down for the water. The water is too warm for what it should be, but the wildlife who survived the volcano seem to have adjusted. Some have flourished. There is a faint sulfuric taste to the water. Longdive shows the tunnel as being near the indentation of the island's bay.

Tempesta flies just over the water for a bit as he communicates, looking back up though. Peering about ahead of him, he descends the short rest of the way into the water, slowing down considerably, but still moving at a rather quick pace, darting through the water further down and towards the Island. Tempesta shoots towards the crevice under the complex. Moving easily about the water, and by no apparent phsyical means, he sets to making his way in past the flow of still active lava.


Guardsman grimaces at the sheer cliff, then shrugs and prepares to climb it, "Nothing for it but to go ahead and just do it, I fear. The way to go is up, and we do not have all night."

Capt.Freedom says, "We'll want to stay out of sight if we can. We need to consider that when we're closer to the fortress."

Kid nods and unslings his grapple, waiting for the go-ahead.

Guardsman leaves his grapplegun in its holster for now, climbing the old fashioned way for the moment at least.

Fantastique fades into the background. Literally. She matches the color of the cliff, and looks between the others. "I can find the hand holds and let you climb me." She smiles, quite hard to see unless very close.

As the heroes get up to about 12 feet below the fortess' lowest wall, 4 guards seem to hear something. One looks over, "Wha's that?"

Capt.Freedom lunges upward as the sentry's face appears over the edge of the walkway, muscles and tendons like steel cable coiling and propelling him upward like a human bullet as he attempts to tackle the sentry.

The agent makes an *uffff* sound, then looks at the Captain, "Big mistake. Get 'em!"

Fantastique snaps up!ward like a rubber band, landing on the edge of the walkway, grinning widely!, as she keeps a normal speaking tone, coming into full view, "I am Femme Fantastique! Surrender now, or face La Dragon Terrible!" With that, she transforms to become a fearsome-seeming monstrosity, nasty teeth, claws, and a wicked smile. Or a snarl. It's hard to tell on draconic entities.

The agents see the dragon and they stiffen, "Gahh," says the apparent leader of the quartet.

Guardsman fires his grapplegun, the grappling claw at the end snapping closed on the railing. Keeping the line taut he crouches against the cliff wall, then kicks out with all his might, soaring in an arc up and over the combatants on the platform and landing behind one of the guards. Immediately the British masked avenger drops his gun on the floor and reaches out for the hapless goon.

Guardsman's arm wraps around the guard's throat from behind, his other arm holding the man steady by the head.

The agent seems to be too terrified to notice that he is choking. He gives a few gasps, though, to indicate his displeasure.

Kid swings up, trying to make the best of a 'caught' situation, "Take this, ya goon!" he says, swinging at the nearest guard

The agent's chest cracks as Kid Freedom kicks into it. He slams into the side of the fortress and slumps unconscious, his gun dropping to the walkway.

The remaining three agents seem to be petrified, though still hold their weapons.

Capt.Freedom straightens up, pushing backwards away from the man he'd crashed into. "We haven't got time to waste on hired goons... we need to disable those alarms!" He unslings his shield from his back, and, in the same motion, wheels around, hurling it like a discus.

Two agents fall, as the shield expertly smacks into them *bonk* *bonk* and ricochets off the thrid agent, who wobbles a bit, but remains standing.

-------------------- Meanwhile-----------------------------------------

Tempesta sinks down into the water, twisting just under a falling line of the magma as he just enters into the underwater volcano. Tempesta twists out of the way as the pools 'burp' a gob of lava up, letting it rise past him as he glides further in. He pulls up again as a sheet of lava falls directly in front of him, keeping a natural seeming grace in the water as he continues directly upwards now. Tempesta twirls off as he continues almost directly up, heading just past and above the falling sheet of lava. Slowing down considerably as he enters a tube of sorts, though certainly not just stopping, he continues just until the water ends, stopping completely as he slowly rises, just enough to have his head out so he can peek about, or if needed, further up.

Tempesta keeps his arms flat out at his side. His head tipped back as he keeps focused on straight up, continuing to speed his way through, climbing and climbing quite a ways.

Tempesta shoots up out of the water after looking about. Shivering a bit, despite the intense heat, he just continues straight up along the tube, a number of other tubes surrounding him as he climbs.

--------------------------------------------------------- -------------------

Fantastique runs past the last remaining agent, extending her arm to swat him while she goes, changing back to her base appearance of a wacky frenchwoman.

The radio on the leader squawks noisily "*Unit 4, report. Unit 4*"

Guardsman snatches up the radio and hands it to Fantastique, "Answer it... and please... no French words in the answer, right?

Fantastique takes the radio, and in her best male guard who would be standing were he not knocked out voice, answers, "Unit four, all clear."

*Roger that, 4.* skrkkk *Unit 5, report...
-------------------- Meanwhile-----------------------------------------

Meanwhile, the plane has circled, and Guardian and Lady Justice are about to go save the captives!!

LadyJustice looks out the door. "Looks like we're in position. Are you ready to go?"

Guardian nods, "Yes."

LadyJustice says, "Tempesta never came back up. I hope he found a way in. We'll have to hit the bay without him."

Guardian says, "Yes, I hope he is doing well." With that he jumps out and arrows toward the water.

LadyJustice leaps out after Guardian. She spreads her arms and glides down towards the water.

The island is not dark to Guardian and Lady Justice, both of whom have enhanced senses. The lava fairly glows. The fortress is not in sight (being on the far side of the west peak of the main island.) However, from the south, the barrier islands are quite visible. On the Barrier Island is what looks like a small town, contained beneath a clear dome. Inside, the obvious movements of the people within are seen by anyone looking.

LadyJustice says, "Guardian - that town over there, under the dome - we should take a look at that first."

Guardian peers at the town, He seems to concentrate on it for a bit. "Yes, we should."

Inside the dome are 30 people, wandering about, looking less than happy. One of them is Archaeologist, Tina Taylor.

Guardian turns to Lady Justice, "We are in luck, those are the hostages, at least some of them."

LadyJustice nods, "We have to get in there and make sure they're safe. Hopefully the other team is having luck with the alarms."

LadyJustice says, "We'll go in low to the shoreline, and take a closer look. Can you tell what that dome is made of?"

Guardian nods, "I agree, I will fly low and I assume you will swim. The dome seems to be a clear field of energy, it is like nothing I have ever seen."

Guardian says, "There seems to be no guards inside the dome either."

LadyJustice mutters, "I heard he was working on something like that. I'll see you at the island". She angles into the water, knofing cleanly into the waves, then strokes powerfully forward, swimming athletically through the waves.

Guardian soars just above the water, he is in the classic Superman pose, one arm forward, one back in balled up fists.

LadyJustice crouches in the surf, her golden boots protecting her from the rocky volcanic shoreline. She peers forward at the mysterious energy dome.

Guardian crouches near Lady Justice, "Any ideas?"

LadyJustice says, "I can't see what's generating the dome. You might simply try breaking through it with raw strength, although if our freinds haven't deactivated the alarms that'll set them off."

Inside the dome, Tina Taylor's attention is drawn by a movement outside the dome. o O (It's...HIM!! Guardian!)

Guardian listens quietly for a moment, "It seems to be coming from the bottom, through the lava. It seems to be powered by the energy of the island."

LadyJustice says, "So, it's from inside the dome, then? We'll either have to knock the dome down somehow else, or figure out how to turn it off without directly accessing the generator."

---------------------- Back in the Fortress----------------------------

Kid checks out the door, taking out a few tools, "Lemme give this a look..."

The system is child's play for Kid Freedom. Apparently Sovrano intended for his agents to defeat all comers. Kid snaps his tools back into his belt, "No problem. Just like the Nazi gold mines in Africa."

Captain Freedom motions the team to move forward. The inside of the fortress is impressive. Caverns, tunnels and doors leading off in many directions.

Guardsman frowns and whispers, "Let's move further in... I can't see anything which would indicate where the control central for the alarms might be here..." He puts the radio from the guards which Fantastique handed him in his belt and starts stalking down the corridor.
-------------------- Meanwhile-----------------------------------------

Tempesta starts to pour on a bit more of the speed now as he seems to have some ways to go. The wind whipping about him, pushing him up, up.. but hopefully not away. Meanwhile, Tempesta has been making his way up through the narrow lava tube inside the east peak. After a while, it opens into a huge cavern. The noise of generators is very noisy here. There are 4 engineers manning the equipment.

Tempesta shoots up into the air, glad to be in the wide expanse of the cavern now. Coming to a quick stop, the air about him mostly settles as he just hovers, surveying for a few moments before he speaks through a masked grin, "I'm sure ya work's been appreciated, but it'd be in ya best interests to get outta here. Fast." Continuing to hover as he just looks over the various engineers, fairly convinced they're not too interested in getting hurt.. just because they are engineers, if anything.

The surprised engineers begin to run.

Tempesta hums a bit, seeming rather pleased that the engineers actually listened. Turning mid-air, he scans over the generator's in the room, continuing to hum. o O (Hope those guys've been doin' their work... guess now'd be a good time for a wake up call anyways.) Decidiing on the one of the three in the middle, he draws up both of his arms, his hands closed to fist as his arms just cross over, and quickly swinging them back out, unleashing a terrible blast of electricity towards the first.

---------------------------------------------------------- -------

Fantastique smiles, "we could always ask a Guard very nicely where this is?" The smile turns into a grin, "Or scare it out of him.."

Guardsman looks at the Guards, "Don't know if they'll wake up any time soon", he comments.

Fantastique nods. "But there would be more inside. If he has only four guards, then I would be very surprised. And laughing at him."

Guardsman nods.

The sound of boots marching is heard inside the fortress tunnel. *clomp* *clomp*

Guardsman says, "Speak of the devil. Positions, everyone."

Kid moves quickly and stealthilly, getting his yoyo bola ready.

Guardsman tries to find a likely shadowed area to hide in.

The two marching guards come around the tunnel, "So I said, "Larry, I don't really know about that. I mean, who'd wanna see moving pictures in your house? That's why they made movies."

Fantastique changes to appear as one of the guards from outside, walking toward, and aiming for past the sound of the approaching others. Fantastique looks like a very poor version of one of the guards from outside.

The agents are too engrossed in their conversation to notice that they've walked into a group of intruders.

Kid waits for Cap's cue to throw the bolas.

Fantastique walks past, as planned, and prepares to hit both from behind, both arms whipping out at their backs.

The two guards go down without a word, most likely dreaming of television.

Guardsman steps out from his hiding place, looking at the two guards, "I believe the point was to ask them questions, or was I mistaken?" he says, some sarcasm evident in his voice.

Kid says, "Tapped 'em a bit hard..."

Fantastique looks sheepish. "..I am tres sorry. I forget at times my own strength." She resumes her normal appearance again. "I will use less enthusiasm if we meet more."

**The generator hisses, sparks and the smell of smoke and sulphur fill the cavern. Whooping klaxons go off throughout the island. Out on the barrier island, the dome suddenly vanishes. Meanwhile, the team in the fortress finds that the lights go out, then dim lighting resumes. From down the far left corridor, a man is heard cursing in Italian.**

Guardsman grimaces under the mask as the alarms go off, "I think perhaps the alarm central is a moot point at this time."

Inside the caverns of the fortress, guards start running through the corridors. A group of ten come across the heroes.

Guardsman points towards the direction of the Italian cursing down the corridor, "Let's go, and go quickly. The confusion caused by the alarm won't last long. Let's take advantage of it while we can."

------------ Meanwhile, back at the Dome -----------------

LadyJustice blinks in suprise. "It looks like they did something - set off the alarms, but the field is down. Guardian, can you get these hostages to the Coast Guard boat?"

LadyJustice glances around quickly, "If we can find a boat, we could load them all in, and you could carry it to safety!

Guardian looks at Lady Justice as the dome vanishes, "Yes lets look around and find something quick.

LadyJustice points, "Over there! That's the boat they must have brought them in!"

Guardian flies up over the island a bit, "Alright, everyone to the boat. Lets make haste."

LadyJustice turns and approaches the hostages, "Evening, everyone. We're here to rescue you. If you'll all come with me and board that boat over there, Guardian can fly you to safety."

Tina Taylor comes running up, smiling, "Guardian! Thank goodness!" She gets serious, "He has some kind of weapon that can destroy the world!"

Guardian nods to Tina and smiles, "Yes, we are heading there next. I am glad to see you are okay. Now lets get these people on the boat and get you all to safety."

LadyJustice says to Tina, "Do you have any idea where the weapon is?"

Tina nods, "Yeah. I saw it. In a cavern under the east volcano."

Guardian tries to help various hostages get on the boat, carrying as many as he can without hurting them.

LadyJustice says, "Guardian - get the hostages to safety. I'm going to go and see what I can do about that doomsday device.", then turns and starts running off across the barrier island, heading towards the distant eastern volcano peak.

Guardian collects the last three hostages and puts them on the boat. He then bends down to pick up the boat.

LadyJustice gets clear of the hostages, then stops, looks into the sky, and whistles. A few moments later, the sound of great wings beating the air is heard as a beautiful winged white horse flies out of the darkness to land next to her. She pats in on the neck, then leaps astride it. They take off into the air, flying powerfully towards the eastern volcano.

Guardian muscles tighten and he picks the boat up over his head, "Hold on everyone." He then hovers off the ground and begins to fly out over the bay.

The ex-hostages all gasp with awe, as Guardian easily lifts the boat and they get a ride in the sky.

-------------- Meanwhile, below, in the fortress -----------

Tempesta chuckles to himself in satisfaction as the smoke and sulphur begins to fill the room. Not waiting to be blinded in it, the wake up call having been issued, he continues to fly, hurrying off towards the door the engineers took, hopefully into the complex.

3 guards come across Tempesta.

Tempesta continues to hover, just off of the ground in the corridor. Frowning beneath his mask as the guards rush out, he stops in his tracks, folding his arms over his chest. His unhappiness quite apparent in his voice as he demands, "Where is your so called /Monarch/?" Spitting out the word, his head cocking to the side as he seems to have decided they need some encouragement, even if just because they didn't tell him before he even asked.

The man gurgles and gasp, "" His hand points to a specific corridor.

Tempesta passes over the guards as they point him in the right direction, not even stopping to thank them. Hmph. Seeming to be on a mission of somesort though, the corridor is filled with the wind that sets Tempesta back into flight again, moving down the corridor that the guard gestured to, off towards the throne room.

Kid, spotting the guards, springs into action! His trusty flash bomb thrown...

The agents all yell, blinded. They do still take up a lot of the corridor with their useless bodies, though.

Captain Freedom holds up his shield, and then runs into the mess of agents, attempting to get through. He leaps acrobatically over some agents, using them as springboards, "Let's go stop this madman! For America! For the world!"

Fantastique springs into action! Leaping to attack a number of the guards as she spins around, quite quickly, whipping her arms about on a small handful of the blinded agents. "Round and Round I go!"

The guards that Fantastique hit go down in a clump.

Captain Freedom turns to Kid Freedom, "You're with me! I have something..special planned for Il Sovrano." He gives Guardsman a nod, and heads off down a corridor.

Guardsman runs in among the blinded, moving goons, attempting to grab one by the arm and sending him sailing through the air at one of his compatriots, "For King and Country", the Englishman mutters,

The guard makes an excellent weapon, and he and the one he hits make an *OOF* sound and slide to the ground.

Fantastique strides forth toward the Italian noises, hearing Il Sovrano being a good way to find his location so the team can do mean things to him. Like stroke his fur the wrong way. Or just call him George. She ensures as many are together as possible before moving in. That way, problems don't occur!

Guardsman quickly moves up to the door, stopping outside it and crouching down quietly, peeking through a crack.

The Throne room is large and impressive, remade to look like something out of the Roman Empire. It is currently lit with backup system lights, and the moonlight shines through a vent in the ceiling.

Il Sovrano

Il Sovrano, when seen up close, is not an impressive looking man. Physically, he stands about 5'3" and has an average build. His dark hair is long, and tied back, and a golden laurel is placed up his head in a regal manner. Piercing black eyes match his hair, and his skin is slightly tanned. He is wearing a brilliant white outfit with glittering gold accents, reminiscient of a Roman Emporer, with certain modern touches, like the gold sash that is draped from his left shoulder to his right hip. In one hand, he carries a gleaming sceptre with a glowing red gem at its tip. He is seated within a large, flying throne, which is painted gold to match, and has obviously lethal weaponry attached to all sides, and propellors on 4 sides, which keep him in the air.

---------------------------------------------------- --------------

LadyJustice urges her winged steed on. "Faster, Pegasus! The fate of the world is on our hands! We must find and destroy that Volcano Death Ray before it's too late!"

Guardian soars into the sky, accelerating to speeds of over 250 mph and he seems to be going beyond even that as he and the ship turn to a blur and race for the Coast Guard.

Guardian comes upon the Coast Guard ship, he brings himself and his cargo to a halt, sets the boat down, next to the Coast Guard ship. He looks to Tina and winks as he turns to speed back off toward the island.

Guardian reaches breakneck speeds on his way back to the island, his body is a complete blur as he soars toward the fortress. One arm out in front of him, he seems to be bulleting from the sea, right for the front door.

LadyJustice continues flying towards the eastern peak. Her eyes scan the barren volcanic surface for an entrance, opening, or door of any type.

On the northern face of the east peak is a very obvious, and very large cannon, sticking out of the cooled lava rock.

LadyJustice steers her flying horse over the eastern volcanic peak, as she eyes the great cannon built into the slope. She leaps acrobatically off the horse, gliding down through the air, aiming at the access hole visible in the volcanic peak.

----------------------------------------------------------- -------

Il Sovrano is currently angry, "Find dem and bring to me!! I don't stand for it!!" He pounds a hand on the arm of the throne.

Tempesta doesn't seem quite so discrete as Guardsman and the others appear to be. Rather seeming really quite angry, he pushes through the door, stopping just inside of the throne room, and grinning a bit as he seems to have that Italian temper of his rather cooled for just a moment, "Ciao, Marco." A kind of shell of a clear, rippling liquid, quite like water, encasing his body.

Il Sovrano turns to see Tempesta. His face reddens with anger, and he spits out an angry, "YOU!! You -dare-!!"

Capt.Freedom's voice booms, seemingly from nowhere, "No... us!" A moment later, Captain Freedom crashes through the ceiling vent, flipping acrobatically to land poised on his feet, fists on hips. "The Liberty Squad is here to bring you to justice, Il Sovrano!"

Il Sovrano's eyes widen, "No. No. You have stopped me before, but you are not going to stop me NOW!! I have the ultimate power at my disposal!! The power ofa the Earth, herself!!!!" and he breaks out into laughter.

Capt.Freedom stands tall and proud, smiling confidently. "The only thing you'll have at your disposal, Sovrano, is a padded cell! We've already taken care of your death ray. Surrender; there's nothing left for you to gain."

Il Sovrano grips his sceptre tight, "I do not think so, Capitan." The throne glows, the gem in his sceptre starts burning brightly, and a blast comes from it, heading towards Captain Freedom. Il Sovrano frowns, as his attack finds no purchase, "I will kill you de old fashion way!!"

Fantastique enters after Captain Freedom, looking quite proud and happy and all that. She stands beside him, hands on her hips, an impressive grin playing over her overly cheerful-seeming face. "We will prevail, for we have with us le great power of Justice! No one who acts to destroy everything can win! We will stop you, villain among villains!"

Capt.Freedom smiles, trying not to show the strain of resisting the psychic attack. "You've tried before. But your nefarious schemes are at their end now."

Guardsman aims his grapplegun up in the rafters, firing it with a *POP* and swinging up there, letting the reel action of the gun itself pull him up to his intended hidingplace

Capt.Freedom hurls his shield at Il Sovrano's mechanized throne, mindful of its weapons. "Where you're going, you won't need any of that..." The shield smacks into Il Sovrano, knocking the sceptre out of his hand and knocking him off his Throne and into the walls of the cavern, where he hits and slides to the floor, looking dazed.

The agents all look stunned, as their leader is taken out by...Captain Freedom.

Capt.Freedom raises a hand to catch the careening shield as it ricochets back toward him, and holds it overhead for a moment. "The will of a free people will always overcome the manipulations and petty threats of dictators, in time. Throw down your weapons!"

The agents hesitate, still holding their guns, but seem to be nervous.

A low rumble is if from a distance..

Guardian soars at the wall of the fortress, pounding into it like a jackhammer. The wall seems to give with his mighty blow.

Tempesta looks rather startled as Il Sovrano is knocked out of his chair. Glancing towards Captain Freedom for a moment, he just nods briefly as he returns his attention to the nearest uncooperative guard. Shifting himself just to the side, he sticks out his palm. For the briefest of moments, that seems to be about all that's happening, before a tremendous gust of wind roars past him towards the Agent. Can leave the words to the Captain, though maybe this will help..

The agent flies back, smacking against the wall and sliding to the floor, unconscious. Meanwhile, there is another rumble, and the room shakes slightly.

Fantastique smiles pleasantly, "That can be done without," she decides with a flair, her arm stretching to take Il Sovrano's scepter from his very much stunned form. She's forced to push herself farther than normal, but that's little concern to her. A bit of extra effort goes a long way in doing right!

Guardsman studies Sovrano's now "abandoned" weaponsthrone carefully from his perch up above. The throne is a masterpiece of weaponry!! And sturdy!

A loud BOOM echoes throughout the room as a burst of powdered rock comes from the wall. As the dust clears, Guardian hovers in the hole. "Miss me?" he says as he looks over the situation.

Capt.Freedom grins. "Good work, Femme Fantastique. But from the sounds of it... we'd better evacuate quickly. The island is unstable, and it sounds like it might be erupting."

Fantastique nods quickly, "Okay! The playtime, it is overr!" She calls, "Nous alons, out of the exploding place!" She looks at the woozy italian bad person. "What do we do with the mean mean leader of here?"

This time, the rumbling shakes the room, violently.

Guardsman leaps down from up above, landing on the ground next to the throne, "We bring them with us, all of them. They're going to stand trial like any other petty criminal."

Meanwhile...... in the East Peak, inside the caldera, the mechanism of a large cannon is heating up so much that the metal is turning a brilliant red. Banks of vacuum tubes, relays, and switches along the wall indicate that the weapon is charging.

LadyJustice dives through the air, taking a controlled plummet through the access tunnel into the Volcano Bomb Gun complex. She readies her Grappel Gun, preparing herself for a life-or-death precision shot, as she swoops down to land among the machinery. "No time to study this in depth - I have to shut this machine down NOW!" The Lady looks about, trying to spot any critical power line that she can shoot out to stop the cannon from firing.

LadyJustice aims at what looks like a critical power junction, and fires her Grappel gun into the heart of the mechanism. The barbed dart flies true into the critical spot. Sparks fly as the energy shorts out violently; smoke and flames flare out from self-destructing switches and the smell of burning insulation fills the air. Its power shut off, the mightly Volcano Bomb Gun shuts down and begins to cool off.

LadyJustice says to nobody in particular, "That seems to have done it. Those rumbling noises can't be good news - I had better see what's happened to the rest of the team!"

LadyJustice whistles again for her winged horse. Her Pegasus flies down the volcanic cone, and she rides it back up out of the Volcano Gun room.

----------------------------------------------------------- -------

Capt.Freedom says, "Of course we do. Do we know what radio frequency the sentries were using? It would help to evacuate them."

Fantastique points out, "we have not changed the one we were using."

Guardsman holds up the radio, tuned to the very frequency used earlier, "Indeed we do."

Guardian hovers into the room quickly, "Alright, did somebody call for a ride? Fantastique, if you can turn into a net or something, maybe I can carry you all out of here." He motions to Femme Fantastique and the hole in the wall."

Capt.Freedom grins. "Then we can make the call. The Coast Guard should be here soon... I only hope it's soon enough."

Guardsman speaks into the radio, "This is the Liberty Squadron speaking. Might I suggest you all get the bloody hell off this island? I rather believe not a single one of you is immune to volcanic eruptions and that is exactly what is going on at this moment. Have a jolly good day, chaps."

A panicked reply is heard from another radio, *Skkkrk* "We got troubles! It's coming up through the *******static********

Fantastique nods quickly, "I can. I can be a very wide rope." She smiles brightly, then winces. "That did not sound very nice. We should hurry." With that, she becomes a large, wide rope, and makes use of herself by wrapping about the goons. "Do not be resisting and silly, yes? I can quiet anyone who is loud."

Suddenly a loud *KEERRRRRAKKK!* is heard, and part of the floor of the cavern splits. Beneath Il Sovrano, a chasm opens, wide enough that he falls in. His screams are silenced by the roar from below, and the chasm starts to glow a bright orange...

Tempesta grimaces as the crevice opens up under Il Sovrano and he drops in. Shaking his head briefly, he moves back into the air, using it to carry himself, and two of the agent's nearest him up into the air. Letting Fantastique and Guardian to whatever they're doing, he himself begins off towards the hole with the two fellows in tow, taking them out, to safety.

Fantastique reforms and shifts so she is now a large glider with a basket beneath. "Guardian, if you lift me high enough, I can float to safety with everyone aboard!"

Guardian looks toward Fantastique, "All aboard, lets get out of here." He thinks . o O (I hope Lady Justice is alright.)

Capt.Freedom says, "You'd better hurry. I don't think this place is going to hold together much longer." He turns away and sprints back toward the doorway, adding, "Don't wait on my account. I can find my own way out."

A radio transmission from Kid Freedom to Capt. Freedom: "Hey, Cap. I'm outside. Got a lot of the guards out! This place is gonna blow!"

Guardian says, "Anyone who cannot fly hold onto Fantastique, lets move quickly."

Capt.Freedom stops at the doorway and turns back, speaking into his radio. "Glad to hear that, old chum. We're on our way out now." He smiles sheepishly at Guardian. "...Never mind."

Guardsman looks at the Throne, "I wonder if this thing flies well over water..." Guardsman shrugs, forgets about the throne and graps a hold of Fantastique... hoping not to get grabbing onto anything... improper for a gentleman to grab onto.

Capt.Freedom rejoins the others after making sure the agents are all 'aboard'. "All right. Let's get out of here."

The heroes and their captured agents manage to make it out, just as the west peak begins to cough and sputter new lava. It comes dribbling down the side of the volcano, like a river of fire.

Guardian chuckles, "Well, fire is not a bad way to end things, of course I am biased."

And so, Il Sovrano was lost within the tall volcano, but the hostages were saved. The United States government came and claimed the island, redubbing it "Olympus Island."

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