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Danny Best Friends About me Home

:)!!!Best Friends:)!!!

I have alot of friends alot i barely kno . But the ones that are listed below are truly best friends.

  • Joe Nowak- My best friend 4 life. We met in 5th grade . He has always been my friend since we met . Even tho he is short lol j/k . He always is fun to be around.
  • Chelsie - Hey ur soo happy that im goin next
  • Samanth- Have not seen u yet but will soon hopefully lol
  • Lauren Johnson - one of the coolest people i met online...havnt seen her in real life but shes still cool.
  • Mikey - that was mad fun with the paintball gun.<
  • PETER - Sry bout that but ur still cool !!!! LOL!!!
  • Jeff - Ur mad hyper.

    Hope you liked this page. If I missed you and u want to be included e-mail me at ok Peace !!!iii