About Me
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AbOuT mE!!!

This page is based on my guy SgT. SlAuGhTeR jR.I am preety good.But i'm not no andyTHPS.But im Also better then most N00BS.LOL.I can at least get 5 mil.on rio thats actualy sucky compared to other good people but wat ever.

ok lets talk more about me. hehe.My name is nick i am 12 years old and I am only good from watchin my auncle play ttony hawk 3. I have alot more games I like to play.One of my favorites for dreamcast is phantasy star online.U might kno me from that game to. My name in it is Zigfrie.I dont play it that much but when I do i see lots of people.I hav efun doin alot of stuff.I go to a small catholic school.there is very small classes.I have alot of girl cousins.But thats not going to be for long my aunt is having a baby boy. Thats preety cool since ill be like a big brother to him. i'm lookin forward to seeing him it will be sooooooo cool.I'll be just like my auncle has been to me acept all the mean parts.lol.My auncle was like a big brother to me. ok.I bet this is gettin kinda borin for you.ok i'll stop. Ths is my first site making so i'm still learning how to do alot of things. If you got any questions?? and u need answers E-Mail me at nirvana1112000@yahoo.com