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Team names

Jerry Park Sunsets
First, I just love sunsets. Second, Jarry Park was, of course, the first home of the Montreal Expos, and the place where I saw my very first MLB game live as a kid (it was against the Cubs, a doubleheader (we had those back then ... ). Fergie Jenkins and Joe Niekro for the Cubs; I forget who pitched for the Expos (they were all pretty much forgettable).

But the Jarry Park sunsets were the source of the strangest ground rule doubles - and game delays- I have ever seen (including my playing days as a kid). At the beginning of night games (or the first one of a twi-night DH, I don't remember), the sun would set right behing the left field bleachers (Jonesville, as it was known). If at that moment a better hit a ball to the left side of the diamond, you'd get the following chain of events:

GB SS, throw to 1B ... firstbaseman loses the ball "in the sun"!! Ground-rule double. At that point, they'd stop the game for a few minutes until the sun disappeared behind the bleachers, and resume. It happened more than once.