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Free Agent Draft guidelines

Several owners have requested we wait until after Thanksgiving before beginning the FA draft. In any case, it would be unlikely that we would get very far into the first round if we started tomorrow. Therefore, the 2000 NASA Free Agent Draft will officially begin at 8 AM on Monday, November 27th.

Here are the draft guidelines (I will send these out again later just to remind people).

We will follow the same procedure as previous rolling drafts, i.e., the next 3 picks will be considered "due". Once your pick becomes "due", you have 24 hours to send in a pick. Example. At 8 AM on Monday, the first 3 picks (TTFKA Grundy. Beechhurst, and Cedar Rapids) are "due". Randy can make his pick immediately. Greg and Jim A can either wait for Randy to make his pick, or they can send a list (2 for Greg or 3 for Jim) to me. Once Randy makes his pick, the #4 pick is then "due" and has 24 hours from that time to submit a pick. As the draft moves along, I will make sure everyone knows who is up and who is "due".

If you miss your deadline, the turn will go to the next pick in line. Your pick will be executed in the order it is received. A deadline will not be considered to be "missed" until I announce it.

Anyone is welcome to send me a list of any length at anytime. If you label it as " FA Draft List" or something obvious, I won't look at it until it is your pick. You may also revise your list at any time until which point I execute the pick. If you have sent me a list, you may also announce your own pick when your turn comes up (although I will do it as soon as I can). If what you announce is different than what I do from your list, then your announcement is valid UNLESS my announcement was made first AND the subsequent pick was also made.

If you're making the pick yourself, send it to If you're sending me a list, send it to BOTH and Other than occasional meetings, I monitor my email constantly at work (M-F, 8 to 4). I will check it at home at least once per evening.

The Free Agent Draft Availaility List becomes "official" as soon as the draft begins. At that point, no one may be added or deleted. If somebody on your roster is on the list, he is draftable (i.e., it is YOUR responsibility to check the list vs. your roster). If someone drafts a player not on the list or one who was previously drafted, he will forfeit that player whenever the error is discovered (even if it is after the draft is complete). However, he may choose another player from those still available.

Any questions, let me know. Anyone who anticipates email availability problems during the draft, let me know and we will try to make some arrangement.

Thanks, and enjoy the holiday!

Jim S