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     We're about ready to close the book on this crazy 1997 NASA season, 
as we have only three series left.  An interesting statistical oddity has 
arisen, as we currently have two groups of three teams with the same 
record. Brussels, Inwood and Virginia are all deadlocked at 91-71, while 
Kenmore, Yellowknife and Havre de Grace are all in the hunt for the top 
pick at 57-105. More interestingly, if Wichita takes three of five from 
Traverse City, they will finish at 91-71,  and if Morrell drops 6 of their 
last 8 against Long Island, they will finish at 57-105.  I'd have to say 
that having two groups of four teams with the same record is fairly unusual.


   Here are the seedings we know for sure:

1. Prospect Park
2. Kansas City
3. Mayne

    Beyond that, we have four teams vying for three playoff spots, waiting 
anxiously for the results of Wichita and Traverse City.  Here's how it 
breaks down:

Wichita wins less than three games:

      Inwood takes the O'Neil division crown (based on road record), and 
Brussels and Virginia advance as wild cards.  Brussels would open against 
the Landfills, while the Squires would travel to Mayne.

Wichita wins three games:

     Inwood and Virginia play a one game playoff at Inwood for the O'Neil 
title.  Among Brussels, Wichita and the loser of the one game playoff, the team 
with the best head-to-head record against the other two automatically 
qualifies for the top wild card slot.  The other two teams then play a 
one game playoff for the remaining wild card slot.

Wichita wins more than three games:

     Wichita claims the top wild card spot.  Virginia and Inwood play a 
one game playoff at Inwood for the O'Neil title, and Brussels travels to the 
loser to determine the second wild card slot.


    Obviously, it is impossible to determine the order of the FA draft 
until after the season's final three series conclude.  What I would like 
to aim for is a draft beginning on the third Monday in November (the 
17th) via email, which would conclude before Thanksgiving.  If this is a 
bad time for anyone, please let me know.

A Rough Draft of the FA Draft Order

NOTE: Coin flips will break ties for the lower record teams.  Ties will 
be broken for the higher record teams based on playoff positioning and/or 
road record.

 1-5 Kenmore
    Havre de Grace       
    Long Island (cannot pick higher than fourth).
6.  Muncie
7.  Traverse City
8.  Cedar Rapids
9.  Louisville
10-13  Inwood
14. Mayne
15. Kansas City
16. Prospect Park

Good luck,