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Congratulations to Jim on a heck of a site. I encourage everyone
to provide material for it, and check it frequently for the latest 
in NASA information.

On that note, I need to know if anyone *cannot* access the
site. Since I can access the site myself, I can simply do
standings updates there. I'd like to do this, and eliminate
my shell account. This would save me some money as
well as simplify things a bit.

I will continue to mail standings out on roughly a weekly
basis, so if you can't access the Web, but this is
sufficient for you, let me know. If no one objects strenuously,
I'll phase out the shell standings this month.


Kenny is alive and well. He's had a tough summer, but things
are looking up again. Look for something from him in the
next week.

We still need a manager for Havre de Grace. If anyone has a
nominee, let me know, otherwise I'll put ads up on strat-bb.

It's October 4. I realize it's rough, but I'd really like to be done
with the season by the end of the month. It's important for
figuring out things like draft order. There's 80 series left. That's
3-4 series a day as a league. I think we can do it.

Questions or comments, let me know...