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Newsletter #16		September 9, 1995

1995 NASA Standings (as of 9/9/95)

Ricky Vaughn division
			W	L	Pct.	GB	Home	Away
y-Wichita Whiffers     102	55	.650	--	61-20	41-35
x-Inwood Landfills	94	63	.599 	 8	50-26	44-37
Baltimore Buttheads	61	90	.404	38	37-44	24-46
Cicely Polar Bears	36     103	.259	57 	17-41	19-62

Roy Hobbs division

z-Kansas City Tornados 117	45	.722	-- 	66-15	51-30
x-Brussels Sprouts	89	73	.549	28  	50-31	39-42
Kenmore Knockers	82	80	.506 	35 	45-36	37-44
Prospect Park Posse	45     117	.278	72 	24-57	21-60

Crash Davis division

x-Yellowknife Moose	92	53	.634	--	60-21	32-32	
x-Mayne Islanders	88	68	.564	 9 1/2 	52-29	36-39
Cedar Rapids R. B.	70	86	.449	24 1/2 	45-30	25-56
Muncie Superbas		51	94	.352	38 	27-43   24-51

x--clinched playoff spot
y--clinched division title
z--clinched first round bye
NASA Road Record:	393-533    .424
Series Remaining: 8


Six days from the scheduled end of the season, NASA has just eight
series, totalling 46 games, left on the schedule. The Brussels
Sprouts clinched the final open playoff spot, beating out the
Kenmore Knockers, who stumbled badly down the stretch.

First-round matchups are still undecided, with the remaining
bye still up for grabs between Wichita and Yellowknife. Inwood
has locked up the #4 seed (based on a partially completed series not
reflected in these standings), with the #5 and #6 seeds hinging on
Mayne's final visit to Cedar Rapids.

I sincerely congratulate everyone on this most successful season. My
goal at the start of this year was to play a full schedule of games,
and it would appear we've acheived that. NASA's future is much brighter
than it was just six months ago, and I thank all our managers for
their contributions to that.

Playoffs may begin as early as this weekend, pending the results of
the incomplete series. Managers are encouraged to find an interactive
way in which to play the games. If this proves impossible, a neutral
third-party will play the games, using instructions provided by the
managers involved.

Reminders: there is a new playoff injury chart. If you do not have
a copy, please contact me. Also, playoff rosters are due to me
by this Friday.


We have a change in the ownership of the third expansion team.
Steve [Ed. note: no last name yet available] will be taking
over for David Thompson, who has disappeared. To Mike and Ted:
I should finally have the order for the drafts to you within a

Additionally, we still seek a new manager for the Knockers. I
have one potential candidate.

Please eliminate John Kastner and David Thompson from your mailing
lists. An update NASA e-mail list is at the end of this newsletter.


I've become very lax in keeping current non-e-mail information of
NASA managers. If everyone could drop me a note with their current
address and phone number, it would be greatly appreciated.


Year-end stats are due by October 15th. Note that due to imminent
changes in my schedule, I can only accept stats via snail mail.
My address:

2855 Pinecreek Dr., #C-428
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

If everyone could also provide an article on their team, along
with some personal information (family, work/school, favorite
anythings), I think it would go a long way towards helping me
put together a readable yearbook.


I noticed an horrific error while sending out NASA rosters to
a new manager. Marquis Grissom was inadvertently left off of
the Knockers roster. Please correct your copies. Grissom belongs
to Kenmore.


As set out in the Expansion Plan, NASA will add five National
League teams to its talent pool next winter. Here is the
preliminary list of teams to be added, and the justifications
for each. I would appreciate input from everyone, and look
to have this list finalized by the holidays.

Chicago and Atlanta: We all like to watch our players, and by
adding WGN and TBS, er... Harry and Skip, er... the Cubs and Braves,
we improve our opportunites greatly. Best players likely to
enter this way: Greg Maddux, Chipper Jones, Ryan Klesko, Steve

New York and Los Angeles: These two teams are located in the two
major media markets, which could facilitate seeing them on
television, assuming a more reasonable TV arrangement than
The Baseball Network. Additionally, these traditionally pitching-
rich franchises will help to balance the current NASA offensive
tilt. Best players: Paul Wilson, Jason Isringhausen, Bill Pulsipher,
Mike Piazza.

San Diego: Assuming the above four teams are admitted, NASA will
only have one NL West team in the pool. Since most of the "talent"
on Planet Coors is already owned, the choice is beteen the
Padres and Giants. The Padres have a deeper talent pool, a
nicer ballpark and will enable someone to shoot for .400 with
Tony Gwynn. Best players: Gwynn, Joey Hamilton, Glenn Dishman,
Dustin Hermanson.

This list is not set in stone, but the logic behind it is, to me,
clear. The remaining six NL teams would probably be added in
a later expansion, perhaps at the turn of the century. Opinions
on the list are welcome, and I encourage discussion.


A clarification of a rule I may have misinterpreted to people: when
players become NASA-eligible during the season, such as Bobby
Bonilla, Andy Benes and Mark Portugal this year, both of
their cards are eligible in NASA play. Each card is limited to
the AB/IP it earned (plus the 20% adjustment).

I hope this clears up any confusion. I apologize for any conster-
nation I may have caused.


September 20, 1995 -- 		NASA Playoffs begin (approx.)

October 20, 1995 -- 		Expansion protection lists due
				to Commissioner

November 1, 1995 --		Expansion managers allowed to make trades

November 7, 1995 --		NASA Pre-Draft Trade Deadline

November 11, 1995, 1 p.m. EST -- NASA Expansion Draft (LIVE); trading
				allowed again after the draft.

November 17, 1995 --		NASA Free Agent Draft Begins

December 31, 1995 --		Deadline for new NASA pool teams
				to be named

February 24, 1996 11 a.m. EST -- NASA Rookie Draft (LIVE)

Note a few changes to the schedule. Upon further review, expansion
managers will not have to wait until the winter to make trades.
However, their deals will be subject to scrutiny by the Trade

[I'll speak frankly. Let's cut the crap with trying to rape the
new guys. It's happened before. We don't need it.]

Additionally, note the no-trade zone around the Expansion Draft,
from November 7th until the last pick of the Draft.


The wire has fallen completely silent. A few teams have made 
their intentions known:

Prospect Park has Fielder, Jaha, and Greenwell available among
others. They are looking for pitching and draft picks.

Inwood has catching help, starting pitching and first basemen,
potentially including Rafael Palmeiro, available. They need a
third baseman and are looking for draft picks.

Yellowknife has a number of their veterans available, including
Wade Boggs, Lou Whitaker and Andres Galarraga.

That's it for this time. Good luck to everyone in the playoffs 
and the off-season trade market!


Wichita Whiffers	Rany Jazayerli
Inwood Yankees		Joe Sheehan
Baltimore Buttheads	Bruce Hasch
Cicely Polar Bears	Kevin Hansen

Prospect Park Posse	Kenny Gelfand
Brussels Sprouts	Jim Satrape
Kansas City Tornados	Joe Leonard
Kenmore Knockers	unowned

Cedar Rapids R. Bandits	Jim Arnold
Mayne Islanders		Mel Broitman
Yellowknife Moose	John Lemek
Muncie Superbas		Steve Bonek

Expansion		Ted Frank
Expansion		Mike Cha
Bo-Town Bombers		Steve