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Newsletter #15		August 18, 1995

1995 NASA Standings (as of 8/17/95)

Ricky Vaughn division
			W	L	Pct.	GB	Home	Away
x-Wichita Whiffers	89	51	.636	--	51-19	38-32
x-Inwood Landfills	87	53	.621 	 2	46-24	41-29
Baltimore Buttheads	49	79	.383	34	30-40	19-39
Cicely Polar Bears	26	78	.250	45 	10-36	16-42

Roy Hobbs division

Kansas City Tornados	95	33	.742	-- 	53-11	42-22
Brussels Sprouts	78	62	.557	23 	45-25	33-37
Kenmore Knockers	73	67	.521 	28 	41-29	32-38
Prospect Park Posse	32	96	.250	63 	18-46	14-50

Crash Davis division

Yellowknife Moose	77	45	.631	--	50-20	27-25	
Mayne Islanders		76	57	.571	 6 1/2 	44-25	32-32
Cedar Rapids R. B.	64	81	.441	24 1/2 	42-28	22-53
Muncie Superbas		39	83	.320	38 	17-35   22-48

x--clinched playoff spot
NASA Road Record:	338-447    .431
Games Played Average: 130.8


As we hit Cluster 11, the race in the Vaughn division promises the
most intrigue. The three-time champion Whiffers hold a two-game
lead over Those Pesky Landfills. The teams meet 11 times in the
last month, with the games in Inwood already sold out. Ticket sales
in Wichita have been a bit slack, leading to criticism of that
town's support of NASA baseball.

"They're just not a major-league city," said Landfill owner Joe
Sheehan. Sheehan has been critical of the facilities in Wichita's
small, meagerly-funded park, comparing it to the Landfills' state-of-the-
art 'fill.

"The sooner the NASA crown is out of this one-horse town, the better. 
I've seen better lockerrooms in high schools. And the fans? Please,
all they care about are farm subsidies and cute cows. Oh, those
are the *women*?"

Sheehan went on to criticize Whiffer management for a variety of
shortfalls, including their treatment of young players, taste in
clothes and music ("What *is* that hick crap they blare over the PA?"),
and a cryptic comment about Big 11Ten football.

Rany Jazayerli, Whiffer manager, was unavailable for comment.

With the Vaughn division rivalry heating things up, the rest of the
league is getting warm right behind it. Joe Leonard's Tornados have
all but clinched a playoff spot in the Hobbs. Only losing their
final 34 games could potentially keep them out. The Brussels
Sprouts have opened up a comfortable lead over the Kenmore
Knockers for the wild-card as well.

In the Davis, the Moose and Islanders are coasting into the playoffs.
In the race for first-round byes, we have the Tornados way out
in front, with the Whiffers, Moose and Landfills in a tight race
for the other bye.


Rany Jazayerli is back online. He began med school this week at the
University of Michigan, and can be reached at
The shorter may also work.


Still trying to determine the draft order for the expansion teams in the
three drafts. Remember that the protection lists are due soon after
the end of the MLB season, and that the expansion draft is *live*
on IRC.


A couple of notes for teams in the playoff hunt. First of all, a
reminder that player overuse is penalized as such: no penalty
for the first 10 AB over limit (1 IP = 2 AB) *for the team as
a whole.* After that, one win will be deducted from your total
for every 10 ABs over, beginning with AB #11. In this way, 
AB/IP penalties are assessed in the season which is affected.

Second note: in the playoffs, an injured player may not be replaced
until the series is over. This mirrors the MLB rule. In putting together
your playoff roster, keep this in mind. If you run out of ABs
at a position, you must play a player out of position there, with
the 5eMax rating.


All quiet on the western front. The Landfills are still taking
offers on an assortment of players, including, but not limited
to, Jim Leyritz, B.J. Surhoff, Jose Valentin, Jeff Conine, Paul
Quantrill, Dave Mlicki, Jim Abbott and Mike Fetters.


I forget if I put this in the last time. Up-to-date RH/LH splits
are avilable on ESPN's Web site:
Look in Baseball under "The Players." It's still free, for now.

				--Joe Sheehan,
					NASA Commissioner