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Number 8 - Midseason Report		July 16, 1996


Included within:

	- Updates on the divisional races and wild card standings
        - Complete League Leaders
	- Stats of Every NASA Player
	- Review of the 1996 NASA Rookie Draft
	- The All-NASA team
	- Everything else you would expect from a newsletter...


Ricky Vaughn division
			W	L	Pct.	GB	Home	Away
Wichita Whiffers       56      35       .615    -      34-15   22-20
Inwood Landfills       57      39       .594    1.5    20-13   37-26
Tennessee Lumber Co.   40      41       .494    11     17-20   21-18
**Santa Clara Bears    33      53       .384   20.5     9-10    7-13

Roy Hobbs division

Prospect Park Posse    61      35       .635    -      32-21   29-14 
Grand Cayman Snorkelrs 50      41       .549   8.5     31-18   19-23
Brussels Sprouts       51      45       .531   10      21-22   30-23 
Kenmore Krushers       47      44       .516   11.5    25-16   22-28

Crash Davis division

Yellowknife Moose      61      31       .663    -      40-16   21-15
Mayne Islanders        51      36       .586    7.5    30-17   21-19
Cedar Rapids R.B.      40      52	.435   21      17-19   23-33
Muncie Superbas        35      52	.402   23.5    18-22   17-30

Archie Graham Division

Long Island Sounds     37      51       .420    -      18-23   19-28
Traverse City Bombers  32      50       .390    2      22-30   10-20
DC Independents        15      61       .197   16       8-22    7-39

WILD CARD STANDINGS (the top two will make the playoffs)

              		    W-L   GB    GB of second place

Inwood Landfills	    57-39   -    -
Mayne Islanders  	    51-36  1.5   -
Grand Cayman Snorklers	    50-41  4.5   3
Brussels Sprouts	    51-45   6   4.5
Kenmore Krushers	    47-44  7.5   6
Tennessee Lumber Company    40-41  9.5   8


	Early on, it appeared that Wichita was on course to cruise to their
fourth straight Vaughn division title.  However, led by the recent acquisition
of Reggie Sanders from Cedar Rapids, Inwood has gone on a tear, and was 
actually dead even with the Whiffers at the break before losing four of
five to Wichita to fall back a bit.  Either way, the battle for first appears
that it will go down to the wire.
	After a 12-3 Cluster 5, Prospect Park grabbed a commanding 11 game
lead in the Roy Hobbs division.   However, a 5-10 Cluster 6 cut that lead
to eight and a half, as the Posse's lead was somewhat preserved because all
the other divisional contenders played to a virtual standstill.  Although
whether Prospect Park can be overtaken remains to be seen, Brussels, Grand
Cayman and Kenmore all remain strong contenders for a wild card berth.
	In the Davis, Yellowknife and Mayne have been running neck and
neck all season.   The Islanders, however, faltered a bit in Cluster 5, and
have fallen seven and a half games behind the Moose.  Barring a collapse  
by Yellowknife, it appears that the remainder of Mayne's season might be 
dedicated to holding onto their wild card spot.
	Finally, over in the Graham, an epic battle (okay, maybe not epic) 
has been going on all season between Long Island and Traverse City.  In 
their most recent series, the Sounds took four of six in Traverse City to
grab a two game edge.


	With the contenders beginning to emerge, and the pretenders ready to
rebuild, three contenders have made deals to attempt to strengthen their
position as the divisional and wild card races intensify.

Cedar Rapids sends Ken Robinson and Dave Silvestri to Inwood for Inwood's
        7th round selection in the rookie draft.

Santa Clara sends Butch Henry and their 3rd round rookie selection to 
    	Prospect Park for Prospect Park's 2nd and 4th round rookie picks,
	and Pat Mahomes.

Cedar Rapids sends Don Mattingly to Yellowknife for the Moose's 5th round 
	rookie pick.


	Plans are being finalized as we speak, and hopefully, the new 
divisional alignments will be put to a vote later in the week.


	Congrats to Jeff Conine of Yellowknife on winning the first annual
NASA Home Run Derby.  Rany has suggested an interactive format for next 
year's contest, which sounds like a good idea if enough interest can be


   Last year, Joe started the tradition of evaluating the draft at the halfway
point.  So here's a look back to that March early morning when we all
gathered on IRC:

Round One:

1. ILF - Derek Jeter

     The Prospect Park Posse stunk for an entire season in order to get
this guy, only to have Inwood steal him from under their nose.  A resurgent
season by Cal Ripken has temporarily assuaged Posse management, but this
guy should be the Rookie of the Year in 1996, and a star for the next 10 years.

2. WWH - Johnny Damon

	Wichita has a lot invested in this guy, as they've given up Mike
MacFarlane, Tom Gordon and Kevin Brown in deals to move up to get him.
Bob Boone doesn't seem to know what to do with Damon, but he's got great
speed, is an excellent outfielder, and hits righthanders well.  If his
walk totals and power improve over the next few years, centerfield in
Wichita won't be a concern for years.

3. PPK - Tim Wakefield

	Prospect Park prefers to say that they acquired Wakefield in trade
and drafted Kevin Brown with the third pick, since they both joined the Posse
as the result of a trade with Wichita.  Wakefield has been fine for the 
Posse in 1996, but in terms of the future, NASA owners may be given the 
opportunity to select Wakefield in the 1997 Rookie Draft. BTW, no Prospect
Park pitcher selected in the first round has ever gone on to much success (Julio
Valera, Angel Miranda....the future for Chad Ogea doesn't look as bright as 
it once did either).

4. KKR - Carlos Perez
5. KKR - Orel Hershiser

	Kenmore gave up Jack McDowell and Alex Gonzalez to get these two 
guys, so obviously they were serious about making a run in 1996.  These two
have pitched well and kept Kenmore in the race, however, Perez's future is 
on hold, and Hershiser's future may be working for Fox.

6. SCB - Troy Percival

	Some NASA owners questioned the wisdom of selecting a closer in the 
first round on a team like Santa Clara, which had no realistic shot to win in
1996.  However, as closers go, you don't get much better than Percival.

7. DCI - Ruben Rivera

	He handled himself well in a short trial with the Yanks; so well that
they won't move him for Kevin Appier.  I would say this bodes well for the
future in Havre de Grace.

8. LIS - Andy Pettite

        Despite a terrible start in Long Island, this guy has developed
into the best lefty starter in the American League (as long as RJ is on the
shelf) and Long Island's future is looking pretty good with a starting
rotation that starts with Pettite, Denny Neagle and Juan Guzman.

9. TCB - Marty Cordova

	A really solid pick for an expansion team.  This guy's a heck of
a hitter, and should improve as Traverse City develops into a contender.
However, his decline in power might be of mild concern to Cherry Bomber

10. ILF - Alan Benes 

	This guy was the major reason that Inwood was able to get Reggie
Sanders for their playoff run.  This guy should be a real gem for Cedar
Rapids if he remains healthy, and may help that franchise to their first
playoff berth since the 1992 season.

11. MIS - Ray Durham

	Durham appears to be walking more in 1996, and his defense is
improving as well.  If his development continues, we may hear the DP 
combination of Rodriguez to Durham to Thomas for the next decade in Mayne.

12. MSB - Felipe Lira

	Needless to say, it's hard to predict Detroit pitchers.  This guy was  
good for parts of 1995, but has been awful for Muncie.   He came out of the
gate very slowly in 1996, but since the Tigers got Brad Ausmus, he's improved
significantly.  He'll get more chances in Detroit.

13. WWH - Jimmy Haynes

	Haynes was terrific at the end of 1995, but for whatever reason, he
lost his confidence in early 1996 and has been pretty bad all year long.
Normally, I'd be skeptical about his future, but Wichita pitchers always
seem to develop into stars, so I'll hold my tongue.

14. YKM - Bobby Bonilla
16. TCB - Ron Gant

	These guys had similar 1995s, and in fact, ended up being traded
for each other.  Bonilla is having the better NASA season, hitting over .360,
while Gant, despite 18 homers, struggles to stay above the Mendoza line.
As for the future, Bonilla seems to have lost some power, despite playing in
Camden Yards, while Gant's season has been plagued by injuries.

15. BSP - Andy Benes

	Benes was ineffective in Seattle at the end of 1995, and got off to
a horrible start in St. Louis.  However, he's rebounded nicely, and could
form a lethal one-two punch with Al Leiter in Brussels for 1997.

17. LIS - Steve Gibralter
18. DCI - Eric Owens

	These are two Cincinnati outfielders with decent tools, but limited
opportunities for playing time.  With Eric Davis having settled into center,
Reggie Sanders in right and Willie Greene finally establishing himself, these
two will battle with Curtis Goodwin for playing time in left.  This is, of
course, assuming that Ray Knight doesn't make Chris Sabo his full-time

Round Two

19. PPP - Ariel Prieto
20. SCB - Brad Radke
21. ILF - Jeff Suppan
22. ORJ - Jason Giambi 
23. CRB - Scott Karl
24. KKR - Doug Johns
25. DCI - Luis Andujar
26. LIS - Rick Krivda
27. TCB - Steve Sparks
28. BSP - George Williams
29. ILF - Mike Maddux
30. YKM - Mike Morgan
31. WWH - Jim Pittsley
32. WWH - Mike Sweeney
33. KKR - Mark Grudzielanek

	A nice mix of good players for the present and solid young players.
Maddux, Morgan and Williams helped their teams immediately; Giambi, Karl, Radke
and Grudzielanek will be solid starters next year; Suppan is a superstar in
the making; while Prieto, Pittsley and Sweeney could be excellent if they
remain healthy.

Round Three				     Round Four

34. PPP - Mark Portugal			49. PPP - Ugueth Urbina
35. SCB - Tony Tarasco			50. CRB - Mark Loretta
36. YKM - Benito Santiago		51. MSB - Mike James
37. ORJ - Matt Lawton			52. PPP - LaTroy Hawkins
38. CRB - Frankie Rodriguez		53. CRB - Ken Robinson
39. ORJ - Michael Tucker		54. WWH - TJ Mathews
40. TCB - Bob Wolcott                   55. PPP - Mariano Rivera
41. LIS - Curtis Goodwin                56. LIS - Vaughn Eshelman
42. DCI - Shannon Stewart		57. TCB - Clint Sodowsky
43. BSI - Chris Snopek			58. BSP - Keith Lockhart
44. DCI - Matt Murray			59. MIS - Sandy Martinez
45. ILF - Dwayne Hosey			60. PPP - Tim Crabtree
46. WWH - John Wasdin			61. WWH - Ron Villone
47. WWH - Joe Vitiello			62. MIS - Yamil Benitez
48. KCT - Jose Herrera			63. KCT - David Bell

	There were a lot of long term selections made in the third round,
although Hosey and Santiago made are making an impact for their teams now, and
Portugal and Wasdin are pitching well in 1996.    The fourth round was a 
terrific one for relievers, as Rivera, Crabtree, Mathews and Villone could all
be closers very soon.  Urbina and Lockhart could make contributons for
their teams in 1997 as well.

Round Five				     Round Six

64. PPP - Jon Nunnally			79. TCB - Tavo Alvarez
65. SCB - Shane Andrews			80. KKR - Allen Battle
66. MSB - Chad Fonville			81. CRB - James Baldwin
67. ORJ - Brian Barber			82. YKM - Jerald Clark
68. CRB - Lyle Mouton			83. PPP - Alejandro Pena
69. BSP - Rich Robertson		84. MSB - Tripp Cromer
70. TCB - Jamie McAndrew		85. DCI - Chris Stynes
71. LIS - Roger McDowell		86. LIS - Ron Coomer
72. DCI - Chris Widger			87. TCB - Phil Nevin
73. ILF - Greg Zaun			88. BSP - Eddie Hurtado 
74. YKM - Al Reyes			89. ORJ - Todd Steverson
75. ILF - Bobby Higginson		90. DCI - Dave Hollins
76. LIS - Brian Giles			91. CRB - Brian Bohanon
77. YKM - CJ Nitkowski			92. CRB - Dave Gallagher
78. KCT - Arquimedez Pozo		93. ILF - Tony Clark

	Some decent players went in these rounds, obviously headed by Baldwin
and Higginson, both of whom are now with Cedar Rapids.  Jim, you've done  
a good job with your club, but Brian Bohanon and Dave Gallagher?

     Round Seven			    Round Eight

94.  PPP - Derrick May			109. BSP - Howard Battle
95.  WWH - Mark Sweeney			110. CRB - Mark Guthrie
96.  MSB - Deion Sanders		111. MSB - Greg Vaughn
97.  DCI - Tomas Perez			112. ORJ - Steve Wojciechowski
98.  PPP - Gregg Olson			113. BSP - Sherman Obando
99.  DCI - Mark Brandenberg		114. PPP - Ramon Fermin
100. TCB - Jose Parra			115. DCI - Kevin Gross
101. LIS - Mariano Duncan		116. LIS - Danny Shaeffer
102. DCI - Scott Cooper			117. TCB - Jeff Ware
103. BSP - Jorge Posada			118. BSP - Darren Lewis
104. MIS - Matt Karchner		119. MIS - Alvaro Espinoza
105. KKR - Nigel Wilson			120. ILF - Paul Menhart
106. WWH - Candy Maldonado		121. WWH - Larry Thomas
107. YKM - Robert Perez			122. YKM - Dave Stevens
108. KCT - Rafael Carmona		123. KCT - Joe Borowski

      Prospect Park traded for pick #114 to hopefully nab Greg Vaughn.    
However, Muncie, who had previously released him, re-drafted him and will
be reaping the benefits in 1997.  Guthrie, May, Perez and Duncan head the 
list of those who should be useful next season.

   Round Nine				    Round Ten

124. PPP - Pat Mahomes			135. MSB - Doug Jones
125. SCB - Giovanni Carrara		136. ORJ - Domingo Cedeno
126. MSB - Don Wengert			137. DCI - Ramon Caraballo
127. ORJ - Reid Cornelius		138. LIS - Salomon Torres
128. CRB - Mike Fetters			139. TCB - Jose Oliva
129. TCB - John Kruk			140. BSP - Brent Cookson
130. LIS - Brian Keyser			141. MIS - JJ Thobe
131. DCI - Dan Masteller		142. KCT - Danny Jackson
132. BSP - Tim Unroe
133. MIS - Curt Schmidt
134. KCT - Joe Hudson


    Round Eleven				Round Twelve

143. MSB - Scott Sullivan		149. MSB - Terry Bradshaw
144. TCB - Zane Smith			150. DCI - Andy Van Slyke
145. LIS - Scott Davison		151. LIS - Brian Givens
146. DCI - Mike Harkey			152. TCB - Mike Sirotka
147. MIS - Brian Eversgerd		153. MIS - Chad Kreuter
148. KCT - Jason Jacome			154. KCT - Bill Simas

	Fetters, Keyser and Cedeno should be servicable in 1996, but this is 
what you would expect from rounds 9-12.....

    Round Thirteen			      Round Fourteen

155. MSB - Norberto Martin		161. MSB - Melvin Bunch
156. TCB - Henry Rodriguez		162. DCI - Lance Parrish
157. LIS - Orlando Palmiero		163. LIS - Riccardo Jordan
158. DCI - Brian Maxcy			164. TCB - Kevin Bass
159. MIS - Frank Viola			165. KCT - Joe Randa
160. KCT - Jeromy Burnitz

	.....however, Traverse City did a nice job with their 13th rounder,
I would say.  Burnitz at #160 isn't too shabby either.

    Round Fifteen				Round Sixteen

166. MSB - Mike Christopher		170. MSB - Lenny Harris
167. TCB - Chris Nichting		171. DCI - Scott Hatteberg
168. LIS - FP Santangelo		172. LIS - Greg Gohr
169. DCI - Joe Roa			173. TCB - Scott Baker

   Round Seventeen			      Round Eighteen

174. TCB - Chris Donnels		176. LIS - Sid Roberson
175. LIS - Craig Paquette		177. TCB - Mike Remlinger

   Rounds Nineteen - Twenty One

178. LIS - Wilson Heredia
179. LIS - Jim Mecir
180. LIS - Ben Blomdahl


	Craig Paquette will probably be useful for Long Island next season, 
but there aren't many good players here.  Then again, the deposed management
in Santa Clara traded for Wilson Heredia, so maybe they know something I