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Traverse City changes hands

From Mike Cha: Gentlemen, In 2+ years, the Traverse City Cherry Bombers have come a long way, from expansion to an established team. It won 70 games in its inaugural season; it went 85-77 in just its second season; and it has played .500+ ball this year. Unfortunately, recent circumstances have not abled me to continue on as NASA owner. So effective immediately, I have stepped down as NASA owner. This is not a pleasant decision for me to make, especially at midseason. And I am aware that it is not necessarily fair to the other owners, so in that respect, I am sorry. But I think it is in my (and NASA's) best interests for me to discontinue being in NASA. I wish all of you well in your future endeavors. To David O'Keefe: I'm happy to announce that a new owner has been found for the Traverse City Cherry Bombers. Assuming the reigns will be David O'Keefe, whom I selected both because he noted had been playing since 1980, and because he seemed quite enthusiastic about joining the league. David's email address is: Please add him to your mailing lists immediately. David will be assuming control of the franchise, effective July 1. He is free to begin trading then (you guys all know the rules about trading with new owners). As for June, all Cherry Bomber games will be played via instructions, and I'll make out rotations today or tomorrow. Welcome David!!