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Newsletter # 10		May 18, 1995

1995 NASA Standings (as of 5/28/95)

Ricky Vaughn division
			W	L	Pct.	GB	Home	Away
Wichita Whiffers	50	26	.658	--	26-9	24-17
Inwood Landfills	48	39	.552	 7 1/2	32-20	16-19
Baltimore Buttheads	29	52	.358	23 1/2	17-30	12-22
Cicely Polar Bears	22	54	.289	28 	11-18	11-36

Roy Hobbs division

Kansas City Tornados	67	25	.728	-- 	38-8	29-17
Brussels Sprouts	52	40	.565	15 	31-15	21-25
Kenmore Knockers	48	38	.558 	16 	23-17	25-21
Prospect Park Posse	23	69	.250	44 	12-34	11-35

Crash Davis division

Yellowknife Moose	58	35	.624	--	34-13	24-22	
Mayne Islanders		43	37	.538	 8 1/2 	23-17	20-20
Cedar Rapids R. B.	43	44	.494	12  	31-14	12-29
Muncie Superbas		20	44	.313	23 1/2 	7-22    13-22

NASA Road Record:	218-285     .433


Some teams have already passed the 81-game mark - notably, the entire
Hobbs division, which continues to outperform the other two
in playing its games quickly and efficiently. There, we
find that Joe Leonard's Tornados are living up to their pre-season
billing as heavy favorites, but the two teams behind them are heating
things up. Just one game separates the Brussels Sprouts and the Kenmore
Knockers. The teams split 12 Cluster Six head-to-head games,
and are as evenly matched as any two teams in the league.

The other races have remained stagnant. The Inwood Landfills took
advantage of a 13-4 run to move within 7 1/2 games of the Whiffers
in the Vaughn division, while John Lemek's Moose saw their lead over
the Islanders slip to 8 1/2 games. The Whiffers have a 1/2 game
lead over the Moose for the first-round bye.


The expansion plan put forth two weeks ago has passed 11-1. Expansion
will take place this winter according the plan's guidelines. I'd
like to thank everyone for voting, and am glad to see we reached
a virtual consensus on this issue.

The following managers have been selected to join NASA in November
of 1995:

David Thompson
Ted Frank
Michael Cha

Having some familiarity with each of these people through e-mail,
net.postings and, in one case, prior league experience, I heartily
vouch for their knowledge and enthusiasm, and have no doubt they
will add a lot to the league.

I would ask that all of these managers be added to everyone's mailing
list, so they can get a feel for what goes on in NASA, and receive
the series summaries, trade announcements, etc., which make this
league as much fun as it is.


First order of business: the "Outfielder-out-of-position" voting
is going to a runoff. No plan received more than six votes, so the
top two vote-getters will remain on the new ballot. Since we've
been here before, I'm setting the deadline for voting at 6 p.m.,
Sunday, June 4.

PROPOSAL #1: 	Outfielders will be restricted to playing positions
		listed on their cards.

Note that to allow for HAL's, er, unique managing style, this rule
will be enforced with respect to starting lineups and human
manager decisions. If HAL moves someone mid-game, there will
be no penalty.

PROPOSAL #2: 	Status quo. Outfielders will be permitted to play
		any outfield position pursuant to Strat-o-Matic's
		super-advanced rules.

Now for the other results:

Player Limits:

The vote was to maintain the status quo, 8-2-2.

Trade Rules:

The restrictions on trading of draft picks were repealed, 8-4.
This goes into effect immediately.

Trade Committee:

The committee passed, 10-2. A number of people were strongly in favor
of having one representative from each division (a good idea), so the
committee will consist of Rany Jazayerli, Joe Leonard and John Lemek.
The Commissioner's role will be to serve on the committee in the
event a trade in question involves a member of the committee.
The committee takes effect immediately.


The rule allowing a manager to throw back his team and redraft in
an expansion was repealed, 10-2.

Playoff injury chart:

Passed, 10-1-1. Goes into effect immediately.

Schedule change:

Passed, 12-0. There will be *one* day of rest between every NASA
series, beginning in 1996.

Thanks to everyone for their imput during the voting process, and
for your quick responses to my requests for votes.


We already have one move. Kenny Gelfand packs up whatever's left
of the Posse and heads home to Prospect Park. His summer e-mail
address is

On or about June 1, Rany Jazayerli will lose e-mail access. He
will be sending out information on how he can be reached during the

On or about June 15th, John Lemek will be relocating. He, also,
will be providing information on how he can reached at that time.

A brief editorial:

This is my third year in NASA. In each of the first two, we have fallen
apart around June 1st. Now, with more managers having stable, 12-month
e-mail access, I don't anticipate a problem. But should one arise,
I expect the manager involved to notify me *immediately* to work
out the situation. I have one goal for this year: scheduled games
minus played games = zero. Let's get it done.

Let's all take from the example of Dave Collins, whose temporary
leave was handled in an exemplary manner. Thanks to Dave for
alerting me that a problem existed, and working to find the best
possible solution. The league looks forward to his return.


The end of Cluster 6 means you don't see your divisional opponents
until August. It means summer's just about here. It
means I better have 12 stat reports on my desk so I can produce
the NASA Mid-Season Report! Some things to look for:

	**League leaders in over 40 categories
	**All-NASA team
	**Rookie Draft Evaluation
	**Best performances by part-timers
	**Naked pictures of John Lemek (he submitted them, I'm
	  just the conduit...)

I'll accept stat reports by snail mail, e-mail and fax. If you're
faxing, *call first*: 714 556 9116. I'll give you the fax number
and ensure it's turned on. If I'm not here, leave a message and
a phone number. 

If you're e-mailing, make sure I can print out the file easily: watch 
line lengths, odd page breaks, etc.

Deadline: June 20th. Miss it without a good excuse and watch the
draft picks fly....

Folks, that's all for this month. If anybody has anything to
contribute to the newsletter -- they've been a bit dry -- I'd
be more than  happt to have it. Best of luck to everybody as
we head into the second half!

				--Joe Sheehan,