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Month 1 ending


Month 1 officially ends Sunday, April 21st. Unfortunately, I will be
leaving for a 1 week trip on the 21st and will not return until late on
Friday April 26th. Therefore, there are two possibilities:

(1) Everybody (or almost everybody) gets their games played and
submitted early, so I can send out revised rosters and stats files
early on the 21st.

(2) Revised rosters and stat files don't go out until the following
weekend, thereby delaying the start of Month 2 games.

I would like to go for door #1, so I would strongly encourage everyone
to finish their games early and get the results to me ASAP. The trade
deadline will also be moved up slightly to accomodate this.


Trade deadline for trades to take effect in Month 2: 6 AM EST, April

Month 1 results due: ASAP, preferably no later than April 20th.

Month 2 rotations due: April 22nd

Month 2 instructions due: April 26th


Jim S