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Stat notes for CD-ROM

By Rany Jazayerli


Here's a little primer for everyone which, hopefully, will explain in as fine detail as possible how to keep stats for both teams on the CD-Rom, and transfer files back and forth between managers.

While I've tried to make this as fool-proof as possible, it's possible I missed a step or made a mistake somewhere, so if the veterans of the computer game would look over this and point out any errors, that would be great.

Step 1: Setting up a game.

Jim Satrape has already toggled all the correct settings, so all you have to do is select "Start a new unscheduled game" from the main menu. Then select "league game" and "use DH", plug in the teams, and select any month and day you want (for some reason, the computer still insists that you input these, even if you don't want to). Select whether the computer or a human will be managing each team, put in the lineups and play ball.

Step 2: Play the game. Let the Whiffers win if you're playing them.

Step 3: After the game.

A box should appear on the screen immediately after you finish your game. Select "Get Boxscore" from the menu of options. A "Subset Stats" menu should appear, with boxes from 0 to 9 for each team, along with a couple of situational boxes (by month, at home vs. away, stuff like that). Ignore the situational boxes. Select one of the empty slots from 0 to 9 for each team. These slots are 10 files for each team that the computer uses to save "subset stats" which are just a team's complete stats for a "subset", or portion, of their games. In this case, we're using one complete series to make up one subset.

So check off one box for each team. The computer will then ask you to name the subset for each team.

Name the subset using the format below:

For example, my first series of the year is against Traverse City. When naming this subset for the Whiffers, I name it "M1CA vs. TCB". This stands for Month 1, Cluster A vs. Traverse City. Use "vs." for the home team, and "@" for the road team. So for the Cherry Bombers, I would name this file "M1CA @ WWH".

If I were playing the Posse in Cluster 4, Month B, I would name the file "M4CB vs. PPP" for me, and "M4CB @ WWH" for the Posse.

Understand so far? I hope so.

After you've created a subset stat file for each team, the computer moves on to show the boxscore. The first step is to select which format of boxscore you wish to use. The most complete one is to select "Boxscore, PAC, & Scoresheet", which allows your opponent to follow the play-by-play of each game in addition to seeing a boxscore. This is the one I prefer.

Then click on "Comment", and begin your comment with "Game 1:" or "Game 4:" or whatever, so that your opponent can keep track of which game is which. Then write a one-liner describing the game however you wish.

Then click on "save", and the computer will ask you to name the file. For naming BOX SCORES, use this format:

(Visiting Team Name)(Home Team Name)(Series #)(Game #)

For example, in my first game of the year against Traverse City - a 3-2 loss to Greg Maddux, btw...


Which tells me that Traverse City played Wichita for the first time in Wichita, and this was the first game.

By "Series #", I only mean if this is the first or second time you've played this team at home. In other words, for *all* of your out-of-division opponents, this number should be 1. Against your intradivision opponents, you have two series at home and away; the next time Traverse City comes to Wichita, I would name the first game "tcbwwh21".

Now you're ready to play the next game in the series.

Step 4: Play the remaining games in the series.

This time, when you finish the game and select "Get Boxscore", the Subset Stats menu will come up, but instead of selecting an empty slot, you want to select the subset stat file you already named last game for each team. For example, after my second game with Traverse City, I would select the subset "M1CA vs. TCB" for me, and "M1CA @ WWH" for the Bombers. Then proceed to the boxscore screen and follow the instructions as above.

Step 5: After the series.

Once you've finished the series, go to the "statistics" menu on the main screen and select "Export game results...". This should bring up a screen listing all the subset stats you've made so far. On the left is the computer file name; on the right is the name you gave each file.

Here's the annoying part: Strat created this function to allow people to send disks to their opponents, not to send files over the internet. So to circumvent this, write down the name of each file you want to send to your opponent (for completeness' sake, send subset stats for both teams). Then export the files using whatever program you use to transfer files over the internet; the files in question are in the directory c:\cdrombb\export. These subsets will then automatically be moved the directory c:\cdrombb\exported.

To send box scores, send them in a separate email. These files are in the directory c:\cdrombb\print.

Step 6: Receiving stats from your opponent.

You should receive two emails; one with box scores, the other with the subset stats. Place the box score files in the directory c:\cdrombb\print; you can then look at them by going to the "file" menu on the main screen, and selecting "view print files".

Then place the subset stat files in the directory c:\cdrombb\import. Then go to "statistics" on the main screen and select "Import game results..." The computer will bring up a screen listing all the subset stats in your "Import" directory. Select the subset stats in question, and these will automatically be added to your main stat file for your team (and your opponents'). These files will also be automatically transferred to the "Imported" directory.

Just an addendum to what I previously wrote...

For those of you who are *unable* to append files to your emails, you'll have to send subset stats the old-fashioned way - through the postal mail service. In this case, simply go to the "Export game results" option and select the subset stats you want to send to your opponent. Put a 3.5" disk in your disk drive and select export. The files will automatically be transferred to disk.

If you're *playing* a manager who has to send files on disk, when you get the disk from him, copy these files from the floppy disk to the directory c:\cdrombb\import, then import those files as I described before.

I mislabeled one of the directories. WHEREVER I wrote "C:\cdrombb\export", change that to "C:\cdrombb\subsets". The subset stat files are, not surprisingly, located in the directory names subsets.