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North American Strat-O-Matic Association
Newsletter #5		March 29, 1995

1995 NASA Standings (as of 3/28/95)

			W	L	Pct.	GB	Home	Away
Wichita Whiffers	16	6	.727	--	7-4	9-2
Inwood Landfills	15	19	.441	 7	5-12	10-7
Baltimore Buttheads	10	24	.494	12	6-17	4-7
Cicely Polar Bears	6	22	.214	13 	0-5	6-17

Kansas City Tornados	22	6	.786	-- 	10-1	12-5
Kenmore Knockers	18	10	.643	 4	10-7	8-3
Brussels Sprouts	18	16	.529	 7	10-7	8-9
Prospect Park Posse	5	23	.179	14 	5-12	0-11

Yellowknife Moose	23	5	.821	--	16-1	7-4	
Mayne Islanders		20	14	.588	 6 	11-6	9-8
Cedar Rapids R. B.	15	13	.536	 8 	12-5	3-8
Muncie Superbas		12	22	.353	14  	2-9     10-13


First of all, let me commend everyone on the rate of play. It's early,
but as a league we are way ahead of last year's pace. Only four series
remain unreported in Cluster 2.

In the early going, it appears the best race will be the hotly anticipated
Davis division battle between the Tornados and Knockers. The Sprouts appear 
to be holding their own as well, and if either of the top two falters, are 
well-positioned to sneak into the playoffs.

In the other two divisions, form is holding, with strong early showings 
from Wichita and Yellowknife. Mel Broitman's Islanders are outperforming 
their rookie counterparts in the Hobbs division.

Upcoming series to watch:	

Cluster 3: Kansas City @ Wichita
Cluster 4: Kansas City @ Yellowknife; Yellowknife @ Kenmore


Time to tick off the league. Team stats are due after Cluster 2. Now 
since everyone has been playing regularly, this shouldn't present too big 
a problem. However, I've been asked how I want to receive them.

Even though we're essentially an e-mail/computer league, the different 
file formats involved in keeping statistics, and the size of the files 
involved mean that I will request the statistics *on paper*. They can be 
mailed/faxed to the address/number below. I realize this is unexpected, 
but it will make for the least trouble on my part. In return, I will get 
an elaborate league report out soon after receiving *everyone's* stats.

Since we don't have league dues, I don't think I'm asking too much for 
people to spring for the $.32 ($.40? for Mel) to send me the stats on 
paper. Thanks to everyone for their swift cooperation.

My address/fax number:

2855 Pinecreek Dr. #C-428
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
714 437 1735


These aren't in the constitution, but I would like for everyone to begin 
tracking the following statistics. They are all simple, and generated by 
the computer:

Batters: PB, SF (if you only send the primary stat report, this needs 
                 to be noted by hand--it appears on the secondary stats 

Pitchers: BK, WP, HB (pull these off the boxes), E

V6 (a.k.a Too Much Time on my Hands)

I used the v6 to run a replay of  NASA. The results need to be taken with 
a grain of salt, since the computer's usage of players is a bit odd 
(30 straight CGs for Wichita, three of my top relievers going the entire 
season with no innings, while Jose Mesa racked up 200, etc.). However, 
if it is to be believed, the playoff teams will be Inwood, Wichita, 
Kansas City, Brussels (in a great three-team race with Kenmore), 
Yellowknife and Mayne.

Ken Griffey will win the Triple Crown with a .365/81/209 season, and the 
Cy Young frontrunners will be Charles Nagy (24-4, 3.57, 3 ShO), Steve 
Ontiveros (18-6, league leading 2.79, 3 ShO) and Ken Hill (21-8, 3.24).


I think this goes without saying, but to clarify: players may only appear 
in NASA games if they have a card in the 1994 season set. The non-carded 
players included with the computer game may *not* be used.


Inwood sends Jack Voigt and  John Briscoe to Kenmore for Greg Pirkl
and Kenmore's rookie #7 (1996).

Mayne has Jeremy Hernandez on the block.
Inwood is looking to add a starter, still, and is dangling their 1996 #1.

And for those of you looking ahead: the trade deadline is 6 a.m. PST, 
Sunday, July 16th.

				--Joe Sheehan, 
					Commissioner, NASA 

P.S. I just deleted all the newsletters, going back to February. If
anyone has them and can e-mail or snail mail them back to me, I'd
greatly apprecaite it. And remember, "rm" is *not* a toy...