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CD-ROM Notes (March 27, 1998)

By Jim Satrape

Owners, I meant to send this out last night, but was too tired and bleary-eyed... If anybody has any questions/problems, or sees an error in something I've written, please let us know. Jim S Brussels Sprouts ************************************************************************ ROSTERS: 1. Please check your roster on the roster disk to make sure that it is correct. I would be extremely surprized if there weren't at least a couple of errors/ommissions. I caught some of the obvious ones, like when I accidentally copied the entire Seattle Mariner roster onto Mayne... 2. Interleague players: if you opted for the Interleague card, the player will be listed normally. You should verify that the card is correct by selecting the player from the main menu, then checking out his stats in the bottom window. The AB should reflect his composite AB. The team listed will probably be the team he had the greater number of AB/IP with (unlike single league traded cards, where the team he ended the season with is used). 3. Multi-carded players: if you opted for the 2 carded players, I have postfixed their last name with either _A or _N, indicating American or National League cards. You need to check two things here. (1) verify I didn't mix up the labels -- once again just click on the player and his stats will show up and you can check the team. (2) make sure I didn't actually include players who weren't carded. Under the MULTILEAGUE PLAYERS group, Strat included both carded and computer-only players. For example, Greg Myers actually only received 2 cards: his IL card and his AL card, however you can still find him under Atlanta in the MULTILEAGUE list. Rememeber, only actually carded players are available for play in NASA. 4. Miguel Cairo: I did not include him on the roster for Kansas City, even though he is included in the set for Arizona (or is it Tampa Bay?). Upon checking his card, it appears that it was based on 2-years worth of stats, making him ineligible. ************************************************************************ CDROM NOTES For those of you new to the computer game, I thought you might appreciate a little guidance on things particular to NASA. First, you need to make sure that the computer is playing by the right set of rules. From the Top Bar, select OPTIONS, the on the pull down menu, select RULES. Make the following selections: Main Rules: Super Advanced with BK/WP/PB Stealing: Super Advanced Steal System Miscellaneous: Use Miscellaneous Rules Injuries: Use SADV Injuries Groundball A: Allow GBA on Pitcher Card PB/Clutch: Ballpark Clutch: Yes Weather: No Strategy: Super Advanced Strategy Charts Closer: Do Not Use Closer Rules Pitcher Fatigue: Use SADV Pitcher Rules Use of The Regulator is not permitted :-) INJURIES: In NASA, all injuries are game only so how do we handle it? You can do it by giving a team maximum rest before each game, which clears the injuries, or you can merely edit injured players stats to erase injuries after a game in which he is injured (my preference). select the team of interest in the main screen, the under STATISTICS in the Top Bar, select UPDATE STATISTICS. Click on the selector box in the upper-left corner and drag down to the player you want to un-injure. His stats will be displayed, drag down to the bottom of the screen and you will see two entries for injuries. Just set them to zero and his injury will be erased. Click SAVE to enter the change. DAY-TO-DAY INJURIES: Recall under the new rule approved last year, each owner can designate up to 2 players per game as "INJURED", i.e., unavailable no matter what. This is no problem if HAL is not involved, but if the visiting team is using HAL, you must remove these players from the active roster or risk HAL inserting them in the game. Two ways to do it: demote the player to the minors for the game, or use the method described above to add one day of injury to the player. RELIEF PITCHER FATIGUE: Under the new NASA rules, a reliever may pitch in up to 3 consecutive days (and is limited to his relief rating+2 between rest days). If you have a pitcher who has pitched twice in a row, Strat will fatigue him. Assuming he has not reached his IP limit for consecutive games, just go to UPDATE STATISTICS for this player. Near the middle of the form is a box for "Consecutive Days", just set it to zero or 1. If a pitcher has pitched in 3 consecutive days or has reached his IP allowance in consecutive games, he is unavailable. To make sure he doesn't get used by HAL, you can either just give him a days worth of injury, or demote him to the minors for a day.