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News (March 23, 2001)


Since people are starting to play their games, I thought I would send out

the instructions to be used for submitting stats this year.

1.  Remember, this year we are tracking stats via GAME files, not

subsets.  Be sure the little box on the game setup window (where you

choose your starting pitchers, lineups etc.) is checked.  After you

play the game, these files will be created in the EXPORT directory.

The files will look something like "2001ns##.v##" or "2001ns##.h##"

where the # are numbers indicating the team you played and what game

vs that team (I think).

2.  Be sure also to save boxscores and possibly scoresheet or the game

summary to send to your opponent.  This will also give you a backup if

something happens to your game files you can recreate them manually

(with much pain and agony, by the way).

3.  You may EITHER submit stats as you complete each series, or you

may submit them at the end of the Month all together, whichever is

easier for you.  DO NOT do both, i.e., don't send me multiple copies

of the same game files unless I specifically ask you to.

4.  Keep a backup copy of EVERYTHING until the season is over and

final stats are published.

5.  Please SUBMIT stats to (Larry, you already sent

some to my other address, you do not need to resend).

6.  When you submit files, please copy them all into a single

directory with a useful name (e.g., "PPP Month 1" or "M1 TCPatPPP",

etc.), then Zip the directory and attach it to your email.  Don't

attach multiple Zip files to a single email -- I'm still using AOL

V4.0 and it has real problems with that.

That's all I can think of for now.  If anybody has any questions or

can think of anything else, please speak up.

Jim S

Brussels Sprouts