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North American Strat-O-Matic Association
Newsletter #4   March 14, 1995


1995 NASA Standings (as of 3/13/95)

			W	L	Pct.	GB	Home	Away
Wichita Whiffers	5	1	.833	--	0-0	5-1
Inwood Landfills	8	8	.500	 2 	3-8	5-0	
Baltimore Buttheads	3	3	.500	 2	3-3	0-0
Cicely Polar Bears	6	10	.375	 4 	0-5	6-5

Kenmore Knockers	10	6	.625	--	2-3	8-3
Brussels Sprouts	10	6	.625	--	7-4	3-2
Kansas City Tornados	3	2	.600	 1 1/2 	0-0	3-2
Prospect Park Posse	4	13	.237	 4 1/2	4-7	0-6

Yellowknife Moose	20	2	.909	--	16-1	4-1	
Mayne Islanders		10	12	.455	10 	5-6	5-6
Cedar Rapids R. B.	4	12	.250	13 	1-4	3-8
Muncie Superbas		4	12	.250	13  	0-5	4-7

As you can see, NASA is off to a flying start. I want to thank those of you
who were flexible in allowing your schedules to be changed, and in some
cases, allowed home games to be played by your opposition. This will
greatly help us in our efforts to have a complete, on-time season.

I'll save any comments on the early pennant races...remember, pennants are
not won in April, or March for that matter. 

There was one further change to the early schedule. Jim Satrape played his
road series against Dave Collins for them. Thanks again to both.


Send all e-mail to Joe Leonard (Kansas City) at


Shipping has begun on the v6. A note on r.s.b.f indicated that a person
had received his, but gotten bad disks. I am going to be very flexible
on this, and allow people to decide themselves whether to play their 
Cluster 2 games by hand or wait forthe computer game. I'll only ask that
if you have not received the computer game by March 25, that you go ahead
and play by hand.

And to those of you ex-commissioners who think your service to the league
makes you exempt from deadlines...get it in gear!


I realize this is overdue, but here is what I want from everybody, at 
least for the first few clusters. At the end of each cluster, please send me:

--your home, road, and total records for the cluster
--"                                         " season
--the starting pitchers and scores for your home games
    in the cluster

This is retroactive, so if you could all get this stuff to me for
Cluster 1, I'd be greatly obliged. Keep in mind that sending a series
summary to everyone does *not* fulfill this requirement, since I don't
have time to pick through those for the information. Thanks to all
for your help.

And don't forget to send me complete stats at the end of each even-numbered


Remember to send in your league leaders to Jim Satrape for publishing every


Inwood sends Damon Berryhill to Cicely for Jose Mesa

			Good luck to everyone... --JSS