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News (March 6, 2002)

Good morning -- I don't know about you guys but I'm beat.... Anyway,
thanks to all for cooperating to help the draft go smoothly. A few
glitches along the way but all in all I would say a success.

Anyway, all owners need to double check the draft list to make sure
there are no errors. Check all your picks to make sure you got who
you think you did.

Joel, you need to pick another player to replace #196 Jack Wilson who
was picked in round 4A. Please do it as soon as possible -- the deadline
will be midnight tonight (Eastern time).

Until Joel makes his pick the draft is still officially not closed. Just
to make life easier for Rany, I would ask that owners hold off on
announcing trades until updated rosters are released.

Ballpark dimensions will be due soon. If I have time I will install the
game tonight to see if fence height can be specified or not (unless
someone else has checked). If so, you will need to include that in your
ballpark dimensions. More info later.

As far as the season goes, we still need to put together the new 20
team schedule plus create the roster disks. I can do these, but if
anyone else would like to volunteer for either task I won't turn you
down. Let me know so we don't duplicate efforts. If all goes well, I
would like to start the season March 15th.

Hopefully everyone has or at least has ordered their game by now. If
you anticipate a delay, let me know ASAP and we can perhaps schedule you
for a long road trip in the first half month....

Another thing, Jim A is getting frustrated with the GeoCities website
service. If anyone knows of another free site that allows ftp and
might be a good candidate, we would be interested.