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Newsletter #2  February 22, 1995


Bill Wertz is *not* on the Mayne Islanders. He was cut before the
draft. In his place please add Scott Klingenbeck to the roster,
drafted with pick #95 in the recent rookie draft. Apologies to
Mel for the confusion.

BALLPARKS (LH/RH, where applicable)

Wichita Whiffers:	HR: 12/14	SI: 4/8
Inwood Yankees:		HR: 18/17	SI: 18
Baltimore Buttheads:	HR: 17/13	SI: 6/2
Cicely Polar Bears:	HR: 14/16	SI: 13/15

Prospect Park Posse:	HR: 12/15	SI: 2
Brussels Sprouts:	HR: 10/13	SI: 7/10
Kansas City Tornados:	HR: 2		SI: 4
Kenmore Knockers:	HR: 8/12	SI: 2/6

C. Rapids R. Bandits:	HR: 6/4		SI: 16/14
Mayne Islanders:	HR: 2/6		SI: 4
Yellowknife Moose:	HR: 15		SI: 2
Muncie Superbas:	HR: 5/9		SI: 6 


I'm looking to find out how many of us play on the computer and how
many play by hand. I believe almost everyone is one the computer
at this point, but I may be in error. Please get back to me ASAP
with your status.


I realize most of you know this, but I need to make an official 
announcement. The ex-Davenport Taters have been taken over by Bruce
Hasch, another of those insidious Johns Hopkins types. His e-mail
address is, and the team has been newly
christened the Baltimore Buttheads. Heh-heh... cool... uh-huh...


Steve Bonek's new e-mail address is


Rumors abound that the v6 is headed for delays. Those of you who
choose to play by hand instead of waiting are encouraged to do so.
Those of you who refuse to, or do not have the time to, there
will be no penalty for lateness, pending arrival of the new computer


I've had a few requests for sample instructions. I have none handy, and
haven't worked mine up yet. If anyone has old instructions, could they
please e-mail them to me so I can distribute them to the new guys?


I *very* much want to have regular lists of league leaders and 
statistical info for the newsletters. Therefore, I am going to
insist on regular stat reports from *everyone*. This is not something
which I am going to let slide. One of the most enjoyable aspects of
the game for me is seeing the numbers develop as the season wears
on. So please, regular stat updates, when requested.


Two trades have been consummated since the rookie draft ended:

Inwood sends Tony Fossas to Cedar Rapids for Scott Hemond and 
CR rookie #7 (1996)

Inwood sends Phil Plantier, Rene Arocha and Scott Hemond to 
ex-Taters for Shane Mack, Tim Wallach and ex-T rookie #7 (1996)

We'll probably have newsletters every week, with the usual release
date Tuesday, so getting stuff to me over the weekend is the best bet.