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NASA News (February 19, 1998)

1. Sorry to keep starting with this, but.....please try to get your dues, yearbook article, award voting and stats from past years out by this weekend. I've been entering the old stats for the last few weeks, and we actually have a pretty substantial record. Any additions would be appreciated.

2. As a reminder, cuts are due by Sunday. Since I already extended the deadline once, I don't want anyone to be late in their submissions. Anyone who fails to get me their cuts by Sunday risks draft pick penalties.

3. Several owners have asked questions about draft pick forfeiture. The rationale for this rule is that teams should be "punished" for not cutting as many players as they have draft picks. As such, if you have 10 picks and cut 9 guys, you should not have an extra pick to keep around to trade or use on draft day, since you didn't enhance the draft pool with an extra cut.

As far as the trading freeze, it's more for administration than for anything else. It allows me and whoever else is running the draft to get a sense of how many picks are owned by each team, and what picks have been forfeited. If you wish to make trades during this period, it's fine, but please hold off announcing them until the start of the rookie draft, for my sake.

I'm glad to see that trading has picked up, and I'll be getting back to you with the specifics of the Rookie Draft soon.