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News (February 9, 2001)

1. As far as I know, all owners are planning on playing this season. Please let me know IMMEDIATELY if this is not true.

2. The Rookie Draft is scheduled for SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25th on IRC. The exact time will be determined soon, but you can plan on it starting sometime between 11 AM and 1 PM EST. If anyone out there has significant time constraints, let me know.

3. Roster cuts are due by MIDNIGHT, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 17th. Remember, the total number of players on your roster (after the cut) plus the number of rookie picks you plan on making MUST equal exactly 40. Feel free to announce your cuts to the league ( if you desire. However, if you feel this is a "private" matter, you must at least send them to both Rany ( and myself ( When you send your cuts in, also indicate how many players YOU think you have left on your roster so that Rany can identify any potential discrepencies.

4. No trades will be allowed after the roster cut deadline until I (as commissioner) announce otherwise. Once I unfreeze trading, all trades made up until the END of the Rookie Draft must balance, i.e., the total number of players + 2001 Rookie picks going in each direction must be equal.

5. As the world knows by now, Joe has received his cards and disk. I'm still waiting for mine, but I didn't fork out for the express delivery. If you haven't ordered them yet, don't procrastinate any longer -- order them TODAY. Depending on how long it takes to put roster disks and schedules together we will probably try to start the season as soon as possible after the Rookie draft, no later than mid-March.

6. I will work on getting information out on proposed rule changes this weekend. I promise...