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The NASA Rookie Draft will take place on Sunday, March 7, beginning
promptly at 6 PM EST.

Jonah will be joining by phone for the first hour or so, and then will
be unavailable. Randy will also be drafting by phone probably for the
first round, then will join us on-line. I have not heard from Chicago
or Los Angeles regarding their availability, but after already having
given ample opportunity to protest, I will assume that silence is
consent. Based on the information I have received all other owners can
make it at that time.

Expect final roster cuts to be due around the end of February, the
exact date will be announced soon. Rany -- I'm assuming you will do
the roster updates so if you want to figure out how much time you need,
and go ahead and set a cut deadline, feel free.

This year, I would like to propose we do the draft using an AOL chat
room, since most members appear to have AOL-IM ID's. IRC has been good
to us, but since the advent of NetPlay, I suspect that few of us use it
much any more, and AOL-IM is much easier to set up then trying to
figure out IRC again.

Jim S

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