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The 1999 rules

1. Rotations for every team for every game must be sent to me by the second day (either the 16th or the 2nd, depending on the month) of each month. I will keep track of starts, and rotations for each team. Remember that your rotation for each month must take into account your rotation for the previous month (Kevin Brown can't start the last day of April and the first day of May). 2. Jim Satrape has volunteered to send out V4 rosters for Month 1. You must use these rosters, and not those created by you. If you use another set of rosters, all of the league data will be thrown off. You will only use these rosters for the first month of the season. Do not play any games for Month 2 with the rosters Jim will sent you. For each month, I will send complete V4 roster and stat files to each owner. These will contain full stat reports for all previous months (league leaders, individual team stats), as well as updated rosters. Again, you will receive new files once a month, so do not play ahead of the schedule. Jim, please make sure that the 2 digit abbreviation for NASA is 'NS' this season. Joe Sheehan is also a member of the NABL, and they already use 'NA' as an abbreviation. Mike Cha, is, I believe, the only owner not using V4. Mike, what I need from you each month is the play-by-play from each of your home games, so that I can enter them into the computer game. You obviously cannot use the rosters that Jim will send out, so you can create your own. 3. By the fifth day of the month, instructions must be sent to all road opponents (not to me, unless I'm your opponent). You may send detailed instructions, or HAL instructions. 4. By the last day of the month, all games must be completed. Make sure that you save results for your own team in a subset file. You must send boxscores and subset stats (except for Mike) to each road opponent. Please send results (not stat files, just W-L results) to Joe and me. You must also send all of your subsets for the month, including your own team's subsets to me. Please do the following: A. Create a zip file that contains all subsets from the Month. Please, if possible, do not send me loose subset files. B. Mail that zipped file to This address is for stats only, so please do not send any messages to this address. C. Keep copies of all subsets for the entire season, in case of computer failure. D. Mike, please send your PBPs to this address. No one else should send me PBPs or boxscores of games that do not include my team. 5. Penalty Points. I will very nebulous about this last year, but I will be firm this year. How you get penalty points: Late rotation: 1 point per day late Late instructions: 1 point per day late Late results: 1 point per day per late series Player Usage Penalty Points: Full time players: 5 points for each game over the limit. Full time starters: 5 points for each start over the limit. Part-time players: 1 point for every AB or IP over their limit. (If someone has used a full time player inappropriately (contrary to your instructions) let me know, and the executive committee will review the situation and award exemptions where necessary. These penalties are strict, but there is very little good excuse for overusing full time players, other than mistaken usage by a road opponent. Plan usage out in advance). Penalty Point Breakdown: 0-5 points: No penalty 6-10 points: Lose #2 FA pick. 11-13 points: Lose 2000 #6 rookie 14-16 points: Lose #1 FA pick 17-19 points: Lose 2000 #4 rookie 20-22 points: Lose 2000 #3 rookie 23-25 points: Lose 2000 #2 rookie > 25 points: Executive committee will determine penalty, owner's future in NASA If an owner does not have the specific pick, the executive committee will determine an appropriate penalty. 6. Lateness. There will be NO lateness this year. If I do not receive rotations by the end of the fifth day of the month, I will set them for you. If instructions are not received by the tenth day of the month, I will send your generic instructions. If results are not received by the third day of the next month, I (or a duly appointed representative) will play those games for you using your generics. We cannot fall behind this year, because one late owner will delay the distribution of the monthly files, and thus will hold up the whole league. Let's have a great season guys! Kenny