NASA 101
Here are some things we thought you might want to know in preparation
for playing in the league. Some are hints. Others might be procedures.
No matter what, it's all done so you will have a better experience.E


A few tips on creating computer managers and other things.

The Designated lineups are typically reserved as follows:

LINEUP 3: vs backward LHP
LINEUP 4: vs backward RHP
LINEUP 5: not specified

If you are going to let HAL automatically select which lineup to use,
YOU MUST HAVE A LINEUP 3 AND 4! If you leave lineup 3 or 4 blank,
and you are facing a backwards pitcher, HAL will generate his own
lineup. At the very least, copy lineup 1 to lineup 3 and lineup 2 to
lineup 4.

Alternatively, you may specify which lineup should be manually
selected by your road opponent. Ex. vs pitcher A, use LINEUP 1, vs
PITCHERs B and C, use LINEUP 5, etc. You can also specify minor
modifications to each lineup for specific games, e.g., vs "pitcher A use
LINEUP 3 and substitute player B for Player C", etc.

Remember, for each game, an owner is allowed to designate up to 3
players from his 25 man roster as "unavailable". However, the
available players must include enough backups to be able to replace an
injured player at any position. If your opponent designates a player as
"unavailable", you should demote him to the minors for that game.

Prior to each SERIES, you should should rest each team. Before
playing the first game of the series (FIRST GAME ONLY). Click the
"Days Off" button at the bottom of the game setup menu.

INJURIES: If a player is injured during a game, the injury is for game
only. After the game, you need to make the player eligible for the next
game. Highlight the team on the main Strat page, go to Statistics--
Update Statistics. Select the player in question, scroll to the bottom of
the form, and set "Injury Days Left" to zero. Then save.

Stat reporting

TRADES should be announced to the league using All parties to the trade need to confirm.

ROTATIONS: Your rotation for the month will usually be due on the
first day of the month. At a minimum, you need to specify your starting
pitcher explicitly for each home game. You may either submit a list of
pitchers, or you may send a computer manager file with the rotation
included. Send these to

INSTRUCTIONS: Instructions for a month are typically due on the 5th
day of the month. All owners are strongly encouraged to use HAL to
manage road games that they do not play via NETPLAY. Even if you
choose to use written instructions, you are still required to submit a
computer manager file that contains at a minumum (1) your active
roster for the series; (2) your starting rotation for your road games,
AND (3) your built-in starting lineups. Send instructions and/or
computer managers to

NETPLAY: The use of NetPlay is encouraged whenever practical.
However we do realize that the schedules of some owners make this
impractical at times. Regardless of whether you plan on playing your
games via NetPlay or not, YOU ARE STILL REQUIRED TO SUBMIT

RESULTS: Results files are typically due by the last day of the Month.
You should create individual game files for each game, and submit
them to AND to your opponent for each series.
Alternatively, send them to and cc: The results files will appear in your
CDROMBB\EXPORT folder, and will have names like 2004NS????.V##
or 2004NS????.H## where the ???? use Strat's codes for the two
teams, and the ## indicate the game number between those two teams.
Two files are created for each game (H and V). It is strongly
recommended that you also generate subset stats for each team/series,
if there is a problem with the gamefiles we can recover MOST of the
stats from the subset files.

Results may be submitted either for each series, for groups of series, or
for the entire month at once. Place all the files you wish to submit at
once into a single folder and ZIP that folder. Attach the ZIPPED folders
only. Do not attach individual game files to the email. When I
download them from nasastats, Yahoo must individually scan and
download each attachment, and on zipped file is a lot easer than 10
game files.

Playing Tips

Some Game settings:

Main Rules: Super Advanced With BK/WP/PB
Stealing: Super Advanced Steal System
Miscellaneous: Use Miscellaneous Rules
Injuries: Use Injuries
Groundball A: Allow GBA on Pitcher Cards
BP/Weather/Clutch: Ballpark Effects, Clutch Hitting
Strategy: Super Advanced Strategy Charts
Closer: Do Not User Closer Rules
Pitcher Fatigue: Use SADV Fatigue Rules

Options-Lineups and Usage
Team Lineups: Draft League Mode No Rest
Scheduled Days Off: Give Scheduled Days Off
Auto Swap: No Auto Swap
Overusage: Ignore Overusage
Minor Leaguers-INELIGIBLE
Use 'Super Hal' Bullpen

Series Preparation:
Make sure your 25-man active roster is correct for this month.
If you have a computer manager for your opponent, import the
computer manager -- Highlight his team and click
Team-Import Computer Manager
Set or check Major and Minor League Rosters for both teams
Team-Promote/Demote Minor Leaguers
Set or check default lineups (lineup 1 vs LHP, lineup 2 vs RHP).
Change series games from HOLD to MANUAL:
go to League--Schedule Maintenance
scroll down to the date of the first game of the series
click on that game. In the upper left, change it from HOLD to MANUAL
do this for each game of the series.

To Play:
File--New Scheduled game
it should take you to the first game that is labeled MANUAL. If it doesn't,
manually scroll to that game.
Make sure all other games for that date are either "Hold" or "Played", and the
game of interest is MANUAL. Then click "Play Day"
Autoplay window comes up, click MANUAL
Game Setup comes up. If it is the first game of the series, click "Days Off"
and then yes, to make sure all relievers are fresh and all injuries reset.
Make sure "Use DH Rule" and "Create Game Result Files" are both checked.
Verify the visiting manager is "Human" if you are using instructions, or "Computer"
if you are playing vs HAL
Check the starter for each team, change if necessary.
Check the lineups for each team, modify if necessary
Click "Play Ball"

At the end of the game:
Get Boxscores -- YES!!!!
I strongly recommend printing a copy of the boxscore in case files get corrupted.
Then SAVE a copy of the boxscore to send to your opponent. It's actually better if
save the boxscore, play-by-play, and scoresheet.
End Game.

Tips for injuries, relief pitcher rest, etc..
If a player is injured during the game, the injury only lasts for THAT GAME only.
He is available to play in the next game. To fix this, highlight the
team and player of interest. Then go to Statistics-Update Statistics,
and scroll down the list of players until you find the player who was
injured. Click on him and his statistics menu will come up. Go all the
way to the bottom of the window and find "Injury Days Left" and reset it
to zero. Do this for as many players as needed for this team, the click
If a player is ineligible to be used in a game and you are playing vs. the computer
manager, you will need to somehow deactivate that player. This could be for
one of the following 3 reasons:
(1) the opposing manager has declared him "injured" for the game to
prevent his usage
(2) he is a reliever who has pitched in the two previous games of
of the series, and therefore must rest
(3) he is a reliever who pitched his dot rating +2 IP in the
previous game of the series, therefore he must rest.

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