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                 1994 Prospect Park Posse Instruction Sheet
                    Franchise Dedicated to Steve Olin
                    Season Dedicated to Ryan Leiter
"Good Luck to you all"
                                        -Al Pulido and the Staff
25 man active roster
Chris Hoiles (Balt)                   Willie Banks (Minn)
Brent Mayne (KC)                      Phil Leftwich (Cal)
Cecil Fielder (Det)                   Dave Stewart (Tor)
Kent Hrbek (Minn)                     Chuck Finley (Cal)
Jeff Kent (Mets)                      Rick Aguilera (Min)
Damion Easley (Cal)                   Eric Plunk (Cle)
Cal Ripken (Bal)                      Lee Guetterman (StL)
Scott Livingstone (Det)               Tom Henke (Tex)
Steve Buechele (Cubs)                 Kenny Rogers (Tex)
Glenallen Hill (Cubs)
Gary Redus (Tex)
Brian Jordan (StL)
Juan Gonzalez (Tex)
Paul O'Neill (Cin)
Julio Franco (Tex)
Wayne Kirby (Cle)
Pitching Rotation:            LHP                 RHP            
1. Chuck Finley            Easley      2b      Franco        dh    
2. Dave Stewart            Fielder     1b      Hrbek         1b   
3. Willie Banks            Hoiles       c      Hoiles         c    
4. Phil Leftwich           Jordan      cf      O'Neill       rf    
5. Kenny Rogers            Hill        dh      Gonzalez      lf   
6. Finley                  Gonzalez    lf      Kent          2b    
                           Redus       rf      Redus         cf   
                           Ripken      ss      Ripken        ss    
                           Buechele    3b      Livingstone   3b    
Rule #1:
Never remove Cal Ripken from any game anytime anywhere anyhow.
Pinch Hitting
Whenever a RHP enters the game and he faces the listed batters:
Franco for Hill.  Hill NEVER faces a RHP
Whenever a LHP enters the game and the batter comes to the plate:
Replace Hale with Buechele
If we are losing by 4 or less, or are tied in the 6th inning or later, make
the following changes:
against a lefty reliever:
Fielder bats for Hrbek
Easley bats for Kent
Redus bats for O'Neill
Hoiles bats for Mayne
Jordan bats for Kirby
against a righty reliever:
Redus bats for Jordan or Kirby (if he is not in RF)
O'Neill bats for Kirby (if he is in RF)
Kent for Easley (Only if he represents the tying or go-ahead run in the 8th
                                                or later)
Hoiles bats for Mayne
Hale bats for Buechele
Hrbek for Colbrunn
Franco for Fielder
If we are winning by 5 or more in the 6th, 3 or more in the 7th or winning
in the 8th or later, make the following changes:
Replace Lonnie Smith with Brian Jordan (if in CF) or Wayne Kirby (if in RF)
If we are winning by 5 or more in the 7th, 3 or more in the 8th or simply
leading in the 9th, put in the following defense if possible. Do not put a
DH in the field.
C- Hoiles, Mayne          LF - Gonzalez
1B - Hrbek, Fielder       CF - Jordan, Kirby
2B - Kent, Easley         RF - Keep O'Neill in if he is already out there.
SS - Ripken                    If someone else is in right, put in Kirby.
3B - Buechele, Hale, Easley
If a defensive sub is needed, use the following chart:
C: Hoiles, Mayne
1B: Hrbek, Fielder
2B: Kent, Easley
SS: Ripken.
3B: Buechele, Hale
LF: Gonzalez, Kirby, LSmith
CF: Jordan, Kirby, LSmith,
RF: O'Neill, Kirby, LSmith
Infield:  If tied or losing after the fifth inning and a man is on third,
less than two are out, and no one is on first, play the infield in.  If a
man is on first, play the corners in.  If it is the eigth or ninth and the
go-ahead run is on third with less than 2 outs, always play it in.
Outfield in when applicable.
OF Throwing:  Let all throws on the 14 or less go through to the plate
regardless of other runners.  Other times, cut off any throws where the trail
runner is safe on a 9 or less except in the eighth or ninth, when the runner
represents the tying or winning run.  In that case, always throw home.
Holding Runners: Do not hold any non-asterisks.  Hold asterisks who can steal
on an adjusted 14 or greater (second and third, not home).
Offensive Strategy
Bunting:  Brent Mayne, Steve Buechele, or Wayne Kirby may bunt
in the seventh or later with the tying or winning run on first or second and no
one out. Take it off should 1 and 2 occur to Buechele only.
Hit and Run:  Would Cecil Fielder hit and run?  Would he pass up a free meal?
              We will not hit and run, we are above it.
Squeeze:  Would you expect Greg Colbrunn to squeeze? I don't know either.
          Better play it safe and avoid trouble.  No squeezing.
Steal:  Steal second on a 15, on a 13 with 2 outs. Steal third on a 16, on an 18
with 2 outs.  Do NOT steal with Steve Buechele, Paul O'Neill, Cal Ripken
or Chris Hoiles.
Running: Score on a 13, on an 11 with 2 outs.  Go to third on a 15 with one
out, an 18 with none or two outs.   Send trail runners if their safe number
is more than 5 less the safe chance of the lead runner.  Always send trail
runners if the tying or winning run is safe at home on less than a 13 in the
eigth or ninth inning.
Pinch Running: Run for (sigh) Kent Hrbek, Cecil Fielder, or Julio Franco
with 1. Damion Easley 2. Brian Jordan 3. Glenallen Hill 4. Lonnie Smith
5. A starting pitcher.
Only use if the runner represents the tying or winning run in the ninth or
For starters, use the following chart:
Chuck Finley pitches 8 innings max or until tired (must go at least 5)
Kenny Rogers pitches 8 innings max or until tired.(must go at least 5)
Willie Banks goes 7 innings max or until tired (must go at least 5).
Angel Miranda goes 7 innings max or until tired (yank when tired).
Dave Stewart goes 7 innings or until tired (yank when tired)
     Change relievers when they are tired only, unless Urbani is pitching
the game is +/- 3, it's the 7th or later and the chart calls for someone else.
EXCEPTION: In a save situation in the 9th, consult the save situation list.
Do not use a reliever three games in a row.
Stewart or Miranda start or injury only:
Before the 5th:  Use Guetterman in any situation, use even if he is
5th through  7th inning:
        Losing by three or more:  1. Guett 2. Plunk
  Losing by less than 3 or tied:  1. Plunk  2. Guett
                        Winning:  1. Plunk 2. Aguilera
8th or 9th
          Losing by two or more:  1. Guetterman 2. Plunk
          Losing by one or tied:  1. Aguilera 2. Henke
                 Save situation:  1. Henke 2. Aguilera
         Winning by more than 3:  1. Aguilera 2. Henke
Try to limit Henke and Aguilera to 2 IP per game.
        Any questions, give me a call at :
 Kenny Gelfand