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AOL Instant Messenger: VampireLestat87

Player's Name: Dustin


Name: Azazel

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Height: seems taller thaan the tallest person near him; true height unknown

Species: Were-Unicorn

Eye color: Deep Red to Orange, flashes

Hair color: Deep, Shiney Black with Silver Streaks

Fur color: Coal Black

Weapons: Dark Whip, Book of Chaos

Physical Description: Azazel has a coal black coat and large black, leathery bat wings. his mane and tail are long and flowing and seem to dissappear into the night when it is dark. He can dissapear in to shadows perfectly, but his red/orange eyes are a dead give-away. His silver horn glints in the moonlight. He has teeth similar to those of a tiger. He is fairly large in full uni form.

Personality Description: He has an evil, cold heart. He will do no good for anyone. He is very selfish and stingy. Will do anything to give himself power.

History: Azazel was born of Black magick, but cannot remember when he was born and has no idea how old he is. He has moved around every since he was a colt; doing evil deeds every where he was. He has come to Whisper Valley hoping to stir something up.


Time of Day: Midnight

Season: Winter

Color: Ebony

Animals: Anything evil or sinister looking

Place to be: In a dark jungle, or flying on the darkest night.