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Ayriaal Marslinn


AOL Instant Messenger: VampireLestat87

Player's Name: Dustin


Name: Ayriaal Marslinn

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Height: 7' 2"

Species: Were-Bear

Eye color: Light Brown

Hair: Buzz-cut Red

Fur color: Reddish-Brown

Weapons: Sawed, Invisible Whip

Physical Description: Ayriaal is tall and heavily built. He has a great amount of physical strength and he knows it! He walks with his head held high, making him seem even taller than he really is. In his full grizzly form he is very large and has a reddish tint to his shaggy fur. His only relaxation spots are his chest and belly and behind his ears.

Personality Description: Ayriaal has an ego bigger than himself. He is extremely cocky, but then again, he has reason to. He believes that everything can be resolved through physical combat. He holds grudges for long periods of time.

History: Growing up, Ayriaal was taught that fighting is everyting and that magick is for sissys and he still believes that. He thinks lower of magick users, than fighters. He has been through many a battle and always conquered his enemies.


Time of Day: Noon

Season: Winter

Colors: Red, Black, Grey

Animals: Wolves, Bears, Big Cats

Place to be: On the battle field, or in a quiet, secluded spot

Ayriaal is bonded to the Tribe of the North: Earth