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News Archive

Previous "latest news" items that may be of interest or use for reference are available here.

06/09/02 Project Section Added...

After working hard for a while on the game project we have finally added a "Current Project" section to the "Info" menu. In this project section you can see an overview of the current project, a gallery of the work to date and a diary section that allows you to check our progress at any time.

14/02/02 The opening...

The first web-site opened showing the first few pieces of work and an introduction to my first project. Shortly after I caught up with a friend of mine and we teamed up. Ever since we have been working on our first project and our name then became NewVision.

08/02/02 The beginning...

I got this amazing idea to build a company based around 3d computer modelling/animation, hey like that's original. Not knowing where to sart I did not make a lot of progress.

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