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Current Project

Welcome to our "Current Project" section. This section will show you all release information about the work we are doing currently. Please use the links below to navigate through this section of our web site.

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Our current project is a FPS/RPG style pc game.

The game is set 10 years in the future in 2012, starting out on Earth, the story takes you on a journey into the depths of space.

Following a discovery by a deep sea diving team, the worlds governments jump into action to preserve a piece of history. The extinction of the dinosaurs has always been a discussion point for scientists but after the discovery a huge rock at the bottom of the ocean, the truth is finally discovered.

The rock, made of an element previously unknown, also was surrounded by fragments of our own moon. It is thought that the rock must have collided with the moon on the way to Earth. Inspection shows that this is only a fairly small piece of the original element and te goverments are keen to find the whereabouts of the rest, due to the strange properties of this element.

Element 111, codenamed "Catalyst" due to the way its emissions react with living cells, will prove to be far more important than originally anticipated and your success in recovering more fragments will ultimately control the fate of the human race.

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