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Michelle Kay,
I am making this webpage for the purposes of expounding on a truth that I have recently cited to you from the Bible. In James, Chapter 1, Verse 7, it states, "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights. . ." When I say this in reference to you, I mean it more than you could ever know. While there is obviously no such thing as a perfect person, I do believe that you and I fit together quite perfectly. From things ranging from how we meet each others needs as much as we can, to the ways we compliment each other in personality and style and the aspirations we have for our future - I feel as though you are perfect for me, and by far the best friend I have ever had.

Let us begin then, with you physically.


It is impossible to do your beauty justice, but I will try, none the less. I love the way that your hair falls, and the way that it falls around us when we are close. I love the way your skin feels - so soft and perfect. Your freckles are placed in a seemingly perfect arrangement. I absolutely love your lips - the way they look with your 'lip deal,' the way they move when you talk to me, and the way they feel when we kiss. I love your hands - your long skinny fingers and the softness of your touch. The way you use your hands in flawless. I love the way our hands fit together and how they are almost always together when we are near each other. I love the feeling of your stomach and the arch of your back. I love the way you walk, and the feeling of your arms around me. Your long, smooth legs are as perfect as the rest. Michelle, to me, your body is perfect. I can see no flaws in it, and the way I feel about you only serves to enhance that perfection.

Then, there is the way you do things.


The way you give of yourself for me and other people. The way you care for me and give me 'massajes' and rub my neck while I'm driving. Your endless love for worshiping God. The way you crank up a song that you love and sing your heart out. Watching your hands play away on the piano or your guitar. The way you look at me - the affection that your look shows. The way some of your hugs cling to me as though the last thing you want to do is let go. How even though school is far from your favorite thing, you are dedicated in achieving the goals you set for yourself. The way you plan so much time for me and the ways in which you show me you care. From the small touches of your hands as you pass behind me to the smiles from across the room - it all means the world to me. Your voice and the words that it forms...indescribable. I am at a loss as to what to say here...just everything you do is so awesome. I could not ask for someone more kind and loving as you. I can not even imagine that there is a person on this earth to surpass you in this, nor any of the things on this page. And yes, that most definitely includes your physical beauty. You far surpass that of any other woman out there, and I mean that with all of my heart.

And then, your thoughts and personality.


The ways that you have opened yourself up so much to me and share your thoughts with me. The way you feel about the things I do for you and the things you are still looking forward for me to do (i.e. when you come up here to Seattle). I sit here and look at these pictures on my computer, and all of the wonder of your comes rushing into my mind and heart. Your very presence fascinates me in ways that I could never describe. I long to know more of you, and praise God and the thought of how much closer we are growing. Anytime I see something that obviously irritates you, I wish that I could just take it out of your life. The times that you are upset at something or frustrated with something...I wish that I could make them all go away for you. I hate to see or know that you have been feeling in whatever way that might be negative. I absolutely adore your inner beauty, and I just don't know any other way to say it other than this. Michelle Kay, you truly fascinate me.

And there are things that I want to say.

I know I have said this before, but it is so amazing to me that I can look at pictures like the first two on this page and see me in that picture with you. Even with my arms around you. That is just so awesome. Your willingness to share this closeness with someone that is 3000 miles away further expounds on that in ways that blow me away. I would do anything for you. Anything at all that is within my ability. You know that, and I never ever want you to doubt that. You mean the world to me, Michelle. I could never fully list all of the things that you do that I love about you, nor any of these categories, but I hope what I have said has meant something to you and I only wish that I was there to tell you all of this face to face. I know that I would probably get interupted, but I'm quite certain the kind of interruptions they would be would be beyond awesome. Michelle, how I miss you. Each day I look forward to our next embrace. I can't even imagine how great that will feel. I have added the verse of James 1:17 to many things I have sent you, but I never have directly said this. You are a perfect gift to me from God. A gift so wonderful that no amount of human joy could ever describe it justly.

Let me tell you something that I am sure you didn't know.

You know during that movie A Walk To Remeber how they make the comments about the wind. I want you to know that part really touched my heart. The reason being that there are times that I will go outside...and go near the water. I will thank God for you, and look up at the stars, walking around what few docks I am actually allowed to walk on here, and feel the wind surround me. At first, I usually think of God's love for me surrounding me. As my thoughts continue to wander, they always...and I mean always come to you. I remember our times at the beach - looking up at the stars together, and I am so overwhelmed by the joy of knowing you. At times I get so caught up in you that it seems as though I can feel you holding me. You know...I feel kind of pathetic right now - that is the only part in the movie that made me cry, and that is why it did, and right now I sit here and have to stop typing every now and then to keep myself from crying (right here in DigiPen). They are good tears though...tears due to the overwhelming joy and love that you bring into my life. Also, you remember that I told you when I was in Kansas I would go out to the fields all the time at night. The reason is...the wind was always blowing in those fields in Kansas. Always. While the feeling might not have been as strong then as it is now, it was still undeniably present. Michelle Kay Fountain, I long to hold you again - to feel your embrace and to kiss your lips. God is so wonderful, and you are a truly perfect gift. "All beautiful you are, my darling; there is no flaw in you." - Song of Songs (Solomon) 4:7.

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