Game Reviews
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At last I got around to making this section! Here I will review games....but in a new way. Instead of taking a game's advantages and disadvangages and deciding a rating in my head, I have created THE "Game Rating System (GRS)". Below I will tell you how this system will work.

The GRS will be based on a 100 point system. I have divided 100 into 5 main sections, which are broken down into 17 sub-sections. each area will recieve a score depending on how important the area is. The standerd highest score you can get on a sub-section is 5, but some are worth more since thay are more important. Kay-o, time to list the sections and sub-sections. Main sections are in all caps.


SOUND - 10

GAME - 60

BUGS - 10 ( in this section the fewer the bugs the higher the score )

5-my opinion, my personal opinion of the game.
Kay-O here's the overview of everything:

please e-mail me if you want me to review a game. I will review gamecube,ps1,n64,and computer games.